12 races total in 2012
(One 5K, three 10Ks, six Half Marathons, one Marathon and one Overnight Relay.)

1/1/12, Brazen Racing New Year’s Day 10K
1:13 finish time, I blame the 800 foot ascent over 1 mile!  Eek!

2/5/12, Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon
2:10 finish, wins the award for Most Mellow Race in the Bay Area

3/25/12, Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon
11 minutes in the porta potty at mile 9 = 2:17 finish.  Fun.

4/7/12, Hollywood Half Marathon
Decided to just have fun so 2:27 finish with 3 pee stops and one self-imposed electrocution was awesome!  Great race!

4/15/12, Presidio 10K
Such a fun race but who knew there were hills in San Francisco!  1:03 finish.

5/6/12, Divas Half Marathon
The pink was as pervasive as was the puking and pissed-offedness
but still a pleasure! 2:25 finish.

6/3/12, San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon
Injury + running on a banked road ruined me by mile 9, almost quit, spent 35 minutes in the medical tent at mile 19, but still got back on my feet and earned that medal!  5:44 finish.

9/1/12, Color Me Rad 5K
Fun run with friends!  My teeth were purple and that white sports bra
will never be the same again.

9/14/12, Ragnar Relay Napa Valley
Leg 1, leg 2, and leg 3
So challenging and so memorable! The key: good people.

9/23/12, Half Moon Bay 10K
0:58 finish time, PR by 3 minutes and 10th in my age group YAAAAY!

10/14/12, Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon
2:33 finish time, wow did I take it easy but I sure had fun!

11/18/12, Big Sur Half Marathon
2:43 finish with 3 pinched nerves in my neck and a cold.
My offical worst time EVER for a half.

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