12 races total in 2010
(Seven 5Ks,  two 10Ks, one 12K, one Relay, and one Half Marathon)

11/14/10, Mermaid 5K San Francisco
30:07, 7th age group,  36th overall

10/10/10, Wine Country Half Marathon
2:20, 47th age group, 431st overall

8/21/10, Summer Breeze 10K
1:01, 8th age group, 106th overall

7/31/10, Bad Bass 5K
33:11, 2ND AGE GROUP, 78th overall
Yeah, I was shocked too.

6/12/10, Giant Race Plate to Plate 5K
29:37, 24th age group, 221st overall

6/5/10, See Jane Run 5K
32:21, 53rd age group, 242 overall

5/16/10, Bay to Breakers 12K
1:50, 925th age group, 15,948th overall
Now, that’s just funny!  Didn’t really run this one, though, just took lots of
pictures of naked people!

3/26/10, Oakland Marathon Relay
4:20, 10th place for all female teams

3/20/10, Diablo Trail 10K
1:20, 6th age group, 132nd overall

2/21/10, Chinese New Year’s 5K
34:18, 22nd age group, 390th overall
I almost died at this race, I swear, I was so sick and it rained and the cops didn’t stop the oncoming traffic and not even a medal.  Hmph.  Rough one, but memorable!

1/30/10, The Dam Run 5K
31:18, 4TH AGE GROUP, 31st overall
Again, shocked.

1/2/10,  Brazen New Year’s 5K
35:33, 9th age group, 48th overall


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