I realize today is Monday but I had such a great day yesterday that I wanted to share it with you yesterday but didn’t quite get around to it!  Anyhoo, Saturday I woke up with a tummy bug and basically slept the entire day away- I HATE it when that happens- so I was determined to make Sunday a great day. And that I did!

Kicked Sunday off with a long, blissful trail run at Redwood Park in Oakland. Because I wasn’t feeling completely 100% I told myself anywhere between 5-7 miles would be fine but after I ran (literally!) into a couple friends running the Skyline 50K, I got distracted and lost. Missed a turn somewhere and ran 9 very hilly miles total trying to find the trail that led me back to the car.

Sure I was lost but fantastically it was a perfect 9 mile "loop"!

Fantastically, it was a perfect 9 mile “loop”!

Alone and lost but not afraid!

Alone and lost but not afraid!

Being lost on the trails has happened to me before and I became kind of concerned around mile 6 when I was still climbing when I should have been descending.  Luckily, there are maps all over Redwood Park so once I found one, I just made a mental note of the trail names, any turns, then attempted to run my way back to my starting point at Canyon Meadow.

I did and it was fine, I wasn’t too freaked out being lost nor that angry for the additional mileage as I was seriously enjoying the beautiful views- the day began overcast and foggy but the sun eventually appeared.  The run was peaceful and very serene.



I was honestly a lot more concerned about the fact that I forgot to bring any fuel- no Sport Beans, no trail mix, no energy gels, nothing. I just totally forgot! I don’t really like eating while I run- even though I know I have to- as my stomach is very sensitive and I still haven’t found just the right thing that doesn’t hurt my tummy or completely repulse me to the point of vomiting (I’ll spare you details but those gels are truly an acquired taste!).

Right before I left to start the run, I decided to try a new product I found called EnergyBits. EnergyBits are organically grown spirulina algae tablets that provide glucose, protein and antioxidants resulting in energy and endurance without the chemicals, sugar and caffeine you find in other types of sport fuel. Sounds very healthy and nutritious to me!

The instructions say that you can chew them as they are really bits of food, not pills, but after one whiff of these suckers, I decided to swallow them instead.  All 30 of them. Whoa.

Honestly, I was pretty amazed by the effect they had on my run- in those 9 miles I was definitely energetic despite my illness, plus the unplanned additional mileage didn’t really fatigue me! I was very full from the EnergyBits (it’s all that protein!) and they carried me the whole run without any additional fuel! It’s a miracle! I’m a Bits believer!

I also had a lot of energy for the rest of the day even though I had just run 9 very challenging, hilly miles. I had so much energy that I kept asking my family, “What is wrong with you guys? Why are you all so tired? What do you want to do today? We should really go do things, don’t you think? Why are you so quiet? What’s wrong with everyone?”

Noooo, that didn’t bug anyone at ALL.

So in the car we piled to visit family in Sonoma, and then took a short drive over to Petaluma where we decided to check out the Lagunitas Tap Room and Beer Sanctuary.

Post-run recovery beer!

Oh how I love post-run recovery beer! 21 and over only! 😉

Woooooo that place is awesome! The beer is really delicious and well-made and I love that you can chose a flight of 4 beers to taste. Sodas and nachos for the kids, live music, and gorgeous Northern California weather made us all so happy and satiated! Such a great freaking Sunday!!!

How about you- did you do anything fun this weekend? How was your long run?

And don’t forget about my giveaway for 5 slots to the Nike Women’s Marathon SF! Just 2 more days to get your entries in- good luck!!!

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