My Nike Training Plan

Photo credit: Nike

Photo credit: Nike

If you follow this blog and/or my Facebook page, you know that I created a group ID in order to enter the lottery to get into the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco this October. Thanks to the power of social media, approximately 200 happy readers/runners utilized the code and our entire group was selected!!!  WOO HOO!!!

This year is the 10th anniversary of the race and will be my 4th Nike run- I did the SF full in 2011, the SF half in 2012, ran Nike DC half earlier this year, and now am getting ramped and amped up for #4!  I’m wrapping my head around training for all those hills and getting my plan together for a successful 13.1 come October 20th. 

Photo credit: Nike

Photo credit: Nike

I do so much better with training when I have a solid plan. I’m a good rule follower and if I have a piece of paper telling me what to do, oh yeah, I will listen! Earlier this year, I ran 4 half marathons over 4 months withOUT a plan and ended up over-training and really injuring myself so this time, I’ve created a training plan and am sticking to it! I swear!

In creating this plan, I am looking at 3 different sources- my Team in Training plans, one plan from Runner’s World (in this month’s issue), and Marathon Matt’s half plan (who I signed up to train with on Saturday mornings so am following his long-run advice there, definitely!).  The TNT plan is meant for beginners, Runner’s World is obviously meant for the advanced runner, and Marathon Matt’s plan is adaptable for 3 different levels- beginner, intermediate, and advanced- really nice to have a range for long runs, depending on my mood that day.

So starting this week, we’ve got (yes, WE!!!) 12 weeks until race day. When I got home from vacation, I ran a little here and there, took more time off but as of this week I am not messing around! Not looking to really PR the race- I’ve got a December half for that!- just looking to build a solid base, stay strong on those SF hills, and have fun! Which is what Nike races are all about!!!

And THIS, it's kinda all about this too... ;)

And THIS, it’s kinda all about this too… 😉

As usual, I am going to attempt to make some changes to my approach and training needs this time in order to eek out as much power from my body as possible… I always make these promises to myself and tend to break them as life gets in the way of training sometimes, but I’m truly committed to following my own rules:

1) Cross train two times a week (cross training includes strength training)! Now that the kids are out of school, I can’t make my usual Body Pump class on Tuesdays and Thursdays but, miraculously, there ARE free weights at the gym and I plan to use them after 45 minutes on the elliptical/stationary bike.

2) Eat more fruits and veggies, eat less red meat. My other blog may disagree with this statement but I figure I can have one day each week- after that long run- to indulge in a thick steak or tasty burger. I earned it.

3) Take the training easily and happily. I recently read that when your training is more successful than your racing, then you’re training too hard. That’s me. Not every run has to be for speed, that just leads me right to injury and slower race times. Really gonna try to rein it back and let go of speed, and just focus on stamina and endurance on those hills.

4) Short, easy recovery runs the day after long runs. Rarely have I done this, I usually just sleep in due to the fatigue from the day before but I am convinced that I must teach my body to run on tired legs. If #1-3 are accomplished successfully, then recovery runs won’t be so bad! At least, I hope!

5) Have fun and be proud! When a run gets hard, I must remind myself why I’m doing this, how lucky I am to have gotten a spot in such a coveted race, and the beauty of the city that surrounds me- simply, love the run and ALWAYS be proud of my accomplishments and effort no matter what pace I find. Remember: forward is also a pace.


(click to see up close and avoid going blind)

(click to see up close and avoid going blind)

As you can see, I have a 12K “race” tomorrow which I’m honestly not at all trained for- especially because it’s a single track, super hilly, trail race- so my plan is to run it slowly, as a training run, take lots of pictures, and walk those hills if need be. In these sort of situations, I tend to surprise myself by getting all competitive but really want to follow my plan so slow, easy, and happy is my goal for tomorrow!

What about you? Do you create your own training plan or use other sources? What plans have you found most successful? What do you think of my plan? And advice or suggestions for me (or anyone else) training for Nike SF right now?

And, speaking of, please be sure to check out my raffle benefiting The Guardsmen and my running of the Angel Island 12K tomorrow. I love a good cause and helping at-risk youth is very high on my list!

Finally, be sure to enter my giveaway for an entry to The Color Run SF! The race is the weekend after Nike so let’s plan to wear wedding dresses and recover colorfully together!!!


10 thoughts on “My Nike Training Plan

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  3. I like your training plan and Marathon Matt is news to me! I need to know more! I like your training plan. I always try and do one too but tend to always do better in groups when other people are following the same plan as me. Helps me be more accountable.

    On that note…let’s run together soon!! 🙂


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