The Color Run Giveaway!

Even though I am asking right now, I am giving too! So today, I’m giving away one entry to The Color Run 5K in San Francisco on October 26th.

“What’s a Color Run?” you ask? Well, the picture above is your answer: an un-timed race of 3 miles in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in a rainbow of colors.  And there are only two rules: wear white at the start and get completely plastered in color by the finish!

Seems crazy but it is really, really FUN!!!  The Color Run isn’t about your 8, 9, 10-minute-or-whatever-mile pace, it’s more about having the time of your life!

Is there something on my face?

Is there something on my face?

I did a color run last fall and had a total blast- I wore white from head to toe and the race organizers and volunteers did a fantastic job of getting us runners completely and totally drenched in color, especially at the finish line- there’s a HUGE blast of colored powder right at the end to make sure anything on your person left white isn’t. You can check out a video of the race here– so pretty and so much fun!

I was laughing pretty much the whole time I was running and getting color thrown at me which ended up also turning my teeth pink, purple, and blue too- pretty hilarious.  As it’s a 5K, it’s not too long and when it was over I recall thinking, “What just happened???”  It is really a great time, a blur of neon, laughter, and smiles!  And here’s how to enter to win an entry to the San Francisco Color Run on October 26th..

Leave a comment below telling me if you’ve ever done a Color Run, why you want to do this one, and/or what you would wear if you got the entry!

Earn an extra entry for each share of this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or your blog. Be sure to tag me in your share or leave a link to the share in the comments section below so that all of your entries are counted.

One lucky Color Runner winner will be chosen at random next Weds., August 7th and I will announce the winner via a blog post (along with a coupon code for a discounted entry to any Color Run location that isn’t sold out!) so be sure you’re following this blog via email.

Good luck!

And please check out my raffle benefiting The Guardsmen and my running of the Angel Island 12K this Saturday!


15 thoughts on “The Color Run Giveaway!

  1. I’ve never participated in a Color Run. This year is pretty big for me, aside from being the day before my birthday, it would be 3 years since my first half marathon and a month before my baby’s first birthday. Definitely give me a fun reason to get back to the run-walk routine!! I can definitely wear something ridiculous, why not. Nothing tops spit up on my dress pants before going to work

  2. Never done a Color Run, but I’d like to because my fiancee and I enjoy doing races together. Gotta cross this one off the bucket list.

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  4. I’ve never actually done any kind of run like this before! I’m pretty broke so those registration fees are a total bummer…boo! My friend wants me to join her in this run so she told me about it. I hope to win and if I do I’ll find something nice and white to wear!

  5. I haven’t been able to run a Color Run yet, but have seen the run pictures from family and friends. Looks like so much fun! Totally looking forward to a chance to get blasted with color and have an amazing time with the friends, family and our awesome Bay Area running community. As for attire: but of course, white from head to toe with a goofy twist or two as a must. Thanks for offering this chance to share thoughts on the Color Run and a chance to have an entry in return. 🙂

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