Vacation “Plans”

Cheers to summertime!

Cheers to summertime!

I just returned from three wonderful weeks at our cabin in Pinecrest.  We go every summer and every summer, I plan out my health and fitness goals in advance and make sure to pack lots of work out clothes, hand weights, a resistance band, medicine ball, and multiple exercise DVDs.

And just like every other summer, despite my best intentions, it took exactly a week for me to neglect those goals and embrace doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing on the beach and eating lots of hamburgers. Here’s a list of all that I didn’t accomplish in 21 days… 

Pinecrest Lake

Pinecrest Lake

1) Run more. Don’t run at all.

My running shoes didn’t even make it out of my suitcase. Not once!  After my last half marathon, I was diagnosed with arthritis and a bone spur on top of my right foot. My podiatrist okayed me for 3 miles only and I thought, “Hey, no problem! In that altitude (6,000 feet) 3 miles will be challenge enough!”

Well, I didn’t accept that challenge. Didn’t log even one measly mile. I’m resting my injury. Un hunh, yeah.

2) Do a strength training video every other day whenever you feel like it.

And I only felt like it 4 times in 21 days. I did Jackie Warner’s “Xtreme Timesaver Training” DVD and each time I did it, I loved it as you’re in a lunge or squat for pretty much the entirety of the session but didn’t love it quite enough to want to keep my original goal intact. I prioritized sleeping-in instead.

Oh well…

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

3) Eat less bacon as much bacon as you want because it is tasty and you are on vacation and you deserve it.

Last summer, I also attempted to ration the bacon but I didn’t and gained 10 pounds. This summer, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, within reason, and only gained a few pounds! Yay me! Yay bacon!!!  “You wanna know how good bacon is? To improve other food, they wrap it in bacon!” I completely agree, Jim Gaffigan!

4) Drink less as much as you want because it’s hot and you need to hydrate.

I know, I know, WATER is also good for hydration but it’s just not as much fun!  When I’m sitting on the beach sweating it out in 90 degree weather, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as an ice cold beer. Happy Hour at the cabin commences anywhere from noon on and this summer I actually did take a few days here and there to dry out… okay, well, except for those days I popped open a beer at 11am just because I was hungry and making food sounded WAY too difficult.

VACATION = no schedule, no worries, no commitments… bring on the cocktails!!!

This girl grills!

This girl grills!

5) Make at least one meal a day on the grill.

Now this I actually accomplished! I was grilling everything!  From all the animals (beef, chicken, steak) to fruits (plums, peaches, avocados) and vegetables (asparagus, bok choy, bell peppers) as well as potatoes (sweet and russet).  Everything really tastes better off the grill and except for 2 days when it was pouring rain, every other day, either lunch or dinner- sometimes both!- I grilled.

I’ve been having fun grilling fish on different types of wood planks to enhance flavor and found salmon on a cedar plank is my favorite- soak the plank in water, then just lay on the grill with the filet on top, plus a little salt and pepper and lemon infused olive oil and I’ve never tasted salmon quite as moist! Try it sometime!

6) Have fun!

See #1 – 5: mission accomplished.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

And guess what? In four weeks we go to Hawaii and I’m wondering if I can attempt to embrace my fitness goals while I am there for 7 days or if I should just put my feet up, order a BLT and a fancy cocktail and just let go…

… I’m guessing the latter…


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      • Oh, the first pic is great! For sure! I was just thinking about all those happy family times the kids will draw on from your collective memory bank. You can see the joy in their faces. Good times!

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