What Meb Gave Me

Okay so I really just hunted Meb Keflezighi down in order to get that picture and it was really the kind people at Sony that sent me their Meb Keflezighi Series Walkman to try out but I like to think Meb had something to do with it as he is awesome and this Walkman has quickly become one of my favorite devices to go running with!

Happy Running across the Golden Gate Bridge with my Meb Walkman!

Happy Running across the Golden Gate Bridge with my Meb Walkman!

I am sure you are wondering why Meb Keflezighi– world famous, record holding long distance runner and Olympic medalist- has a Walkman named after him and that’s because it has, already built in, 12 tracks of different running advice as told by Meb himself! Topics include nutrition, training, stretching, and, of course, running- form, goal setting, and recovery. Hearing Meb’s voice during a training run telling me to take long runs slow and reminding what and when to eat afterwards is really nice- it’s rare that I think about the details of running while I’m actually running so getting reminders from a world class athlete like Meb is really neat!  (Although after hearing each topic about 5 times over, I was over it and moved the Meb tracks into a different folder but the Walkman also comes with a booklet of even more running advice from Meb!)

Meb and I match, tee hee hee!

Meb and I match, tee hee hee!

As you can see, this thing is CORDLESS and for me that is just absolute and total perfection! I happened to break yet another pair of ear buds and was trying to decide what brand to go with next and this Walkman arrived at my door the very next day! No cords bouncing all over the place. No ear buds needed. No worrying about clipping the device onto my water belt and it falling off eventually. No need to add a chafe-inducing arm band to carry my music. It just sits there, on my head, rocking my tunes!

Reaching to my head to adjust volume or replay a song is also a nice change to reaching down or across my body as I used to with my other devices. As my arms are already in an upward swing while running, it just makes sense to reach up- if I have to reach down or over, my head usually goes that way too, slowing me down just a tad and this Walkman certainly solves all that!

It’s also RINSABLE so no damage to my Meb Walkman via my sweaty, salty self! Woo hoo!

I tend to forget to charge my items until right before I need to go for a run so another bonus to this Walkman is that it charges in just a few minutes!  It comes with a USB cord that you stick right into your computer, just drag and drop your MP3 tunes, wait a few minutes and you’re all ready to go!  It has 2 GB of memory so can hold up to 8 hours of music, you can also create different folders for different playlists and shuffle between the various folder depending on your training and musical needs.

The sound quality is also very high. I like to listen to my music very loudly- especially if it’s a song I really like- and this device, although small in size, packs a very loud punch! There is even a friendly female voice that speaks to you when you press certain buttons, she says, “Play” and “Shuffle on” and “Shuffle off” in such a nice, professional tone. I’ve never had a device that spoke to me before so this feature is very novel to me- and I love it!

Okay so now for a few drawbacks… when I first starting using this Walkman, it did make my ears a bit sore after a long run but I eventually got used to that and my ears don’t hurt with it anymore. The ear buds themselves fit well, obviously, but then sometimes they don’t and I have to keep pushing the right one back in as it tends to slip out (although that could just be due to my super sweaty self).

I also kinda think I look like an idiot when I wear this but tell myself, “If Meb wears it, so can you.” I’ve already got the water belt, the running watch, the brimmed cap, the compression socks, arm sleeves, so I look like a total runnerd any way, what’s one more device? As I run on down the road, I get a few lengthy looks from strangers and I think they are checking out the bright orange Walkman coming out of the sides of my head. Little do they know, I’m really running with Meb…

Toeing the starting line at my last few races and in the crowd, I’ve seen maybe one other person wearing a wireless Walkman such as this and that’s surprising! Because of the ease of which you can wear it, charge it, and run with it, I think it will become more of a staple device in the running world. And at a MSRP of $70, it’s a very reasonable investment! You can check out it and buy it here if you like- tell Meb I sent you!


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