Group ID for Nike Women’s Marathon SF

Yesterday, the random drawing for the Nike Women’s Marathon (and half) in San Francisco finally opened. Nike SF 2011 was my very first full marathon, so the race really holds a special place in my heart.  Further, this year is the 10th anniversary so even though I ran the half last year, and recently completed the inaugural Nike DC half, I still feel very compelled to be a part of history and try my hardest to get into this incredibly exclusive race.

To that end, I went ahead and created a Group ID in order to enter the lottery as a group and if you are interested in joining my group- please click here for more information.

“Why enter the lottery as a group instead of as an individual?” you may be wondering, and rightly so! Since the selection for this race is “random”, within a group, if one person from the group is selected, we are ALL selected. Nike says that the size of your group does not effect your chance of getting in but, as far as I am concerned, it certainly increases our odds.

Tuxedoed firemen handing out Tiffany's bling- WOOOOOO!!!!

Tuxedoed firemen handing out Tiffany’s bling- I’ll take that over a medal ANY DAY!!!

Let’s say our group is 1,000 people strong and let’s say 75,000 people apply for the lottery- that gives us a 1 in 75 chance of getting picked.  If you go it alone, then it’s a 1 in 75,000 chance. See. Totally makes sense to go with a group!

So, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area (or not! I mean, what a GREAT destination race, right?!) and interested in joining my group for a chance to run the Nike Women’s Marathon (or half) on October 20, 2013, here is how it works:

Group Leader: Laura Moir
Group Name: Running4theReason
Group Password: werunSF

Please register at by searching for our group by group name or my last name. Registration will be open from now until June 14th and they will finalize the participants a week after registration closes.

And, please share this with anyone you think may be interested, feel free to invite them to the Facebook event, tweet it, pin it, and/or add a link to this post on your blog- the more, the merrier!  As of this morning, my inbox is completely filled with race registrations- there IS strength in numbers!

Thank you and wish us luck!!!!

Heeeeeyyyy... how did *that* picture get in there...  ;)

Heeeeeyyyy… how did *that* picture get in there… 😉


7 thoughts on “Group ID for Nike Women’s Marathon SF

  1. This would be a great opportunity for a race-cation, but I’ll be in Italy! So…I guess I still win something, right?! I hope you get in!

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