See Jane Run WINNERS!

Your comments, shares, likes, tweets and pins are in and I am happy to announce the winners of my Mother’s Day Giveaway for 3 race entries to the See Jane Run half marathon and 5K race for champagne and chocolate on June 8th, here in Alameda.

I just know the suspense is killing you but before I announce the winners, I want to explain how they were chosen… each person that left a comment was given a number on a spreadsheet- let’s say Amy was first, she got #1. Then Jane was second, left a comment and tweeted the link, so she got #2 and #3. Then Anna was third, left a comment, shared the link, liked my page AND pinned the post she got #4, 5, 6, and 7. And so on and so forth until my spreadsheet had over 70 entries total! Woo hoo!

... and a free race entry!

… and a free race entry!

Then, I took the total number of entries and went to the website that has a True Random Number Generator, entered 1 through 74, clicked “generate” and it randomly chose the 3 lucky winners!

The first winner is Terri S. who wrote:

“I honored my mother by vowing to love my own children with as much as passion and strength as she loved my brother and I. I miss her every day.”

The second winner is Heather M. who wrote:

“I love my mother with all of my heart… When I chose to start running a few years back I brought her into my healthy plan. She had been told she needed to lose weight as well so we decided to do this together. SHE DID GREAT! She now walks every morning and is slowly adding in more and more exercises as she can. She has gotten so much healthier and happier. I am still working to get her to do a 5K with me…I know she could do it. Guess I just need to get closer to home and do one with her. I appreciate all she has done for me and I hope to make her proud!”

And the final winner is… drum roll, please… Elizabeth S., who said:

“I had an amazing mothers day. My hubby is deployed so my 5 year old took me out to breakfast with her money. Then we spent the whole day in sleeping bags in front of the tv watching movies all day we with her and my other 2 babies. I loved just relaxing and all of us hanging out doing nothing but playing.”

Terri, Heather and Elizabeth: to claim your special code and register for the race, please email me at and I will send you all the information!  And if you didn’t win, here’s a discount code for 10% off to inspire your registration for the race (expires on the date of the race, June 8th): SJRSFAMB13

Thank you to everyone for your comments, I really enjoyed reading all the ways you celebrate your mom, yourself, and your girlfriends- much love and power to the Jane in all of us and even if you didn’t win, I still hope to see you at the race on June 8th!

And remember…



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