Mother’s Day Giveaway!

This is what it's all about!

How I love my precious family- this is what it’s all about!

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day- I had such a fantastic day relaxing and spending time with my wonderful hubby and gorgeous children. Whether you spent time with your mom or received much pampering as a mom, I hope you got to take advantage of the day and were reminded of just how special moms are, how we work to make sure the lives of our children are The Best, and how limitless our capacity for love can be.

While I love, love, love my family to bits, I also make sure to wish a Happy Day to my peer moms- the girlfriends I spent just about every day of the week with when my kids were just babies, the women who are there to reassure me when I doubt my ability as a mom, those sisters who offer lots of hugs on top of a couple hours of babysitting time with the occasional glass of wine and shoulder to cry on right when you need it most.

In 2009, I started a mommy running group and our first race together was the See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon.  Today, to celebrate my fellow mommies, women, girlfriends, and sisters, I am giving away 3 entries to the upcoming See Jane Run race for Chocolate and Champagne here in the Bay Area! Read on to find out how to enter…

Here we are in 2009, running for Champagne and Chocolate!

Here we are in 2009, running for Champagne and Chocolate!

Yes, you read that right- champagne AND chocolate!!! Personally, I didn’t have to think too hard about signing up for this race back in 2009- my favorite hobby with my favorite people and my favorite adult beverage? I’m IN! The 5K was my goal at the time, I had gotten together a handful of girlfriends to do it with me, we made those awesome matching, subtly pink shirts (which say “Wine-Ing Allowed” on the back!), and there was a medal at the end so you KNOW we were all over it!

So in 2010, we did the race again…

We call ourselves Team Cocktail Moms for a reason!

We call ourselves Team Cocktail Moms for a reason, you know!!!

And it was just as fun of a day as it was in 2009! I just LOVE spending time with my girlfriends in this way- no matter what your skill level may be in terms of running, this race has a perfectly friendly course right along the Alameda shoreline. The camaraderie is unparalleled- as this race is on the smaller side, it is very easy to wait at the finish line (with your glass of champagne of course) to cheer your team mates in as well as take incredibly flattering pictures of them sprinting across that finish line.

So, we did the race again in 2011…

New shirts, same joyful attitude- and that's not just the champagne talkin'!

New shirts, same joyful attitude- and that’s not just the champagne talkin’!

2011 was such a great time! We came, we ran, we celebrated. It really doesn’t get any better than that! I was unable to do the race in 2012 as I was recovering from running my second full marathon and I was honestly bummed for breaking my See Jane Run race tradition. When I saw my team’s pics, I was very happy for them- a few tackled the half marathon and there was still enough chocolate and champagne to go around when they were done! Love that!!!

This year, I am honored to be an ambassador for See Jane Run and I am not only running the 5K, but am so happy to be able to giveaway 3 entries to their upcoming 5K and Half Marathon for Chocolate and Champagne on June 8th, here in Alameda.

To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post below telling me what you do to honor and celebrate yourself as a mom, your mom, your sister, and/or your girlfriends and I will chose 3 commenters at random to win an entry to the race- 5K or half marathon distance, winner’s choice. One extra entry will be given for tweeting the link to this post, sharing it on Facebook, pinning it on Pinterest and/or liking my Facebook page here (just let me know you did that in the comments section below). I will announce the winners this Friday, May 17th.

Cheers to all the mammas out there and I hope to raise a glass with you on June 8th!

Cheers to all the moms out there and I hope to raise a glass to US on June 8th!

GOOD LUCK, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Monday and Happy Running!!!


40 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway!

  1. Friends are the family you choose right? I’ve always truly believed that, as I come from an extremely small family, and have made up for that in other ways. So for this mother’s day, since my own mother is 2500 miles away, my family and I spent time with other mommies whom I also consider family, along with their children, and their husbands. And we honored ourselves the best way we know how – by living, laughing and loving together. And if every mother’s day were spent the exact same way, I don’t think there would be a greater honor.

    • Yesterday I was treated to homemade huevos rancheros and frijoles prepardeda by my daughter and son-in-law. Sher made the sauce from scratch, soaked and cooked the beans, expertly fried the eggs, placed them on individual tortillas with a little cheese. Provided perfect avocados. And served us from the stove. We ate together in the dining room and the main course was followed by ice-cold tropical fruit smoothies courtesy of son-in-law. Played in the son with their pooch, watched the San Francisco clouds scud by overhead, moving across the sky in ever-changing formations. So calm, so peaceful, so delicious, so loving. And to hear my daughter’s response compliments on her cooking, well, they were the icing on the cake as they say: “Of course, I learned from the best!” And with this I was blessed!

  2. I started doing half marathons 2years ago as a personal goal and for my children ti be proud of me. I just did the Diva and would love to do See Jane Run. ..I will be extremely grateful if you pick me!

  3. I love my mother with all of my heart. Though, I am my father through and through she has raised me to be the child I am today. When I chose to start running a few years back I brought her into my healthy plan. She had been told she needed to lose weight as well so we decided to do this together. SHE DID GREAT! She now walks every morning and is slowly adding in more and more exercises as she can. She has gotten so much healier and happier. I am still working to get her to do a 5K with me…I know she could do it. Guess I just need to get closer to home and do one with her. I appreicate all she has done for me and I hope to make her proud! I have liked your FB page, thanks for the inspiration! And have shared on FB hoping others will sign up for this race with me! 🙂

  4. I had a wonderful mother’s day: breakfast out with the kids and my husband made my favorite dinner. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the beautiful weather. I started running a few years ago – to finally do something for myself. I am hooked. I still run slow but it is the best thing I have ever done just for me. I have had my eye on the SJR event on June 8th for awhile now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. My son is 11.5 months old, so this was my first real mother’s day. Unfortunately I was sick as a dog for it. I wasn’t able to go for my run, enjoy a day in the city with my son or go out to my favorite restaurant. Luckily, I have an amazing fiancé who took care of Theo while I was sick in bed all day and then made me a beautiful dinner followed by a movie on the couch. Although it wasn’t what I imagined, it was truly a special day in its own way. Plus, I got hooked up with some new running shoes for my next race! ( I also shared this on my FB page)

  6. I started running in 2008, when challenged (by my brother-in-law) to run a 1/2 marathon. That started my running ventures. Along with another running friend, we’ve been able to start our Weight Watchers running club “Geese in Flight”. We’ve grown to about 75 runners, hikers, and walkers of all shapes and sizes. My greatest joy is see see someone cross the finish line of a half marathon, after saying they could never run 13 miles. It is truly a joy to encourage others to take that first step of a thousand miles…. A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step. I’ve heard wonderful comments about your events, and would love to join in. Thank you.

  7. That was a great read! My family always wake me up and open their gift from school which are my favorites. Then we enjoy a family breakfast. I didn’t sign up for a race that day but I did manage to get out of the house for a nice 4 mile run! then spent the day with them. The only thing I asked if they wouldn’t argue the whole day!

  8. I started running about 6 years ago. I was fifty pounds over weight. Now, I have completed four full marathons, qualified for Boston, and have a passion for running I never thought I would have. Now that I live in the Bay area I love participating in local events. I have encouraged my friends and family to run. My Mother’s Day started with brunch and ended with a run. I love that my kids and husband have embraced it as well. The saying goes, “motivation gets you to the starting line, but determination gets you to the finish line!”

  9. I had an amazing mothers day. My hubby is deployed so my 5 year old took me out to breakfast with het money. Then we spent the whole day in sleeping bags in front of the tv watching movies all day we with her and my other 2 babies. I loved just relaxing and all of us hanging out doing nothing but playing

  10. I celebrate my Mom as much as possible throughout the year, in addition to Mother’s Day. I live in AZ and my Mom is in the Bay Area, where I grew up. I fly up every 3 weeks or so to spend time with her. Yesterday, she had a beautiful brunch at the Marina, and dinner at her favorite local restaurant, with a lot of company in between. My Dad passed away in January, so I’ve been trying to do some of the things he always did for her, like bringing her freshly cut long stemmed red roses in a pretty vase.

  11. My husband and I celebrated Mother’s Day by taking our moms out wine tasting in Fairplay. It was a beautiful day!

  12. I started running in 2008. passed away a few months before unexpectedly. My whole world was crushed when she left me. I had so many questions of how I was going to live without her, raise my kid swhy did she go? Running was the therapy I needed. I tried grief counseling .but running is what got me through and still does. For Mothers Day I usually visit her and my brother (who died the year before her). The cemetery is a peaceful place for me to reflect on the good memories. I’ll try to get a run in as well and I think of all the good times. But mainly I enjoy my children. I get pampered and showered with love and kisses all day. They are very close with me. I even have a preteen who still loves a snuggle. And I see that I’m raising my kids the way my mom raised me. That’s the best gift of all.

  13. I’m so far away from home (5,130 miles) but was able to call my mom on Skype and send her flowers. It’s so great living in this digital age!

  14. My running partner and I did a quick hilly run on Saturday morning, then lingered over coffee in the sunshine. That was an awesome start! Then my family and I went and adopted a sweetheart of a dog from a rescue org. Spent actual Mother’s Day sprucing up the yard, then BBQing with my mom and more family. Lovely weekend!

  15. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there who put their children first and make them feel loved! I honor myself by having girl time w my friends every so often.. We deserve it!! I tell my mom and sisters all the time how great moms they are and always remind them to never have doubt in them selves as mothers. Strong, independent and nurturing! I am blessed to be surrounded by such great positive women! My friend lost a very dear close friend of hers this past year while giving birth to her baby, so in honor of this brave women my friend is asking us to join this race! I would so gladly like to join these women in this race with honor for her friend and all women. Together we can do it!

  16. This year my sister and I celebrated starting Saturday by gathering with our neices who are first time moms we made Mexican tamales. We then went to visit our mom’s plot this is our second year of her passing. After the cemetery we went back to my sister told stories remember the good time and had dinner and the desserts my daughters and our nieces had made. On Sunday I went and spent the day with my mother, you see I am.lucky to have a great biological mother and had a great step mother. My daughter’s and I spent the early part of the day with her. In the afternoon I went for a four mile run, it was a great weekend with everything I ask for. Thank you for reading my story. Happy Belated Mother’s Day

  17. We celebrated mother’s day by going to a picnic in Golden Gate Park. I am grateful for all the mom people I have in my life! I am grateful for all the cheering my mom has given me along my races!

  18. I am already registered for the half. I’ve run it every year since the year after the inaugural race. Each year I have encouraged different friends and family to join me….and each year I’ve been successful with one group of people or another. This year one of my daughters is attempting the half for the first time. My other daughter would like to join us for the 5k, but she just can’t afford the entry fee right now. I’d love to win an entry for her into the 5k, So we could meet up at the after party and bask in our accomplishments together.

  19. Hey there you and I were at boot camp together for a while. I joined boot camp to loose wait and gain control over my body after going through fertility treatments. Long story short, I got healthy and I got pregnant. I spent this Mother’s Day with my best friend who went through the same struggles. We drank wine while her son and my son and daughter played. We griped about our lack of flowers, breakfast in bed but we also toasted to finally being mothers. It’s nice to find you on the blog-and it’s a good reminder that maybe I should continue running (it’s been a while) not just so I can become a mother but so I can be a healthy happy mother! Thanks!

  20. For this Mother’s Day I celebrated my mom by baking her pumpkin cheesecake, her favorite dessert, and drove two hours to spend the day with her. We went out for brunch and had a nice day relaxing together! 😀

  21. Although my husband and I have been going through rough times as young parents and while still establishing our careers, we wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day with our two beautiful boys (Jeremy 10 yo and Aiden 3 yo). My boys began the day with the most perfect breakfast a mother could ever ask for – I felt so special! We then took the kids to a community festival and enjoyed popcorn, bycicle testing, miniature golf, and enjoyed some photo booth fun. Later that afternoon my husband surprised me with tickets to the warriors vs spurs basketball game, which was a close game but we were very happy that our team won. To end the day I wanted to show my appreciation to my husband and boys with homemade sushi for dinner. Mother’s Day was filled with laughter and appreciation, a perfect reminder of what a family should be.

  22. We spent the day as a family — my mom & sister came over with my niece and nephew, my hubby cooked an amazing lunch, and we played, played, played outside all afternoon — water balloon tosses (and throwing!), pick-up soccer, scootering, three-flies-up, etc. Even my 71-year-old mom got into the grown-ups vs. kids soccer. Oh, and I started and ended the day with a bike ride with my kids — in the am with my 5-year-old and in the evening with him and my 8-year-old. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

  23. I honored my mother by vowing to love my own children with as much as passion and strength as she loved my brother and I. I miss her every day.

    I shared, liked, pinned and tweeted it.

  24. One of the greatest things in my life is spending time with my loved ones. Spending time living, loving, and laughing. I love to spend as much time with my mom as I possibly can. Not only on Mother’s Day but celebrate my mom every day and thank her for everything she has done for me.
    This Mother’s Day we spent the afternoon having an amazing brunch at my moms favorite spot. It was definitely a great time.

    My mom is my best friend, confidant, and #1 supporter. I am the woman I am today because of everything she has done for md and the values that she instilled in me. I hope that one day I am able to be an amazing mother just like she is to me.
    One of my greatest accomplishments in life was running my first half marathon. It was a huge day for me and the absolute best part was seeing my moms smiling face after I crossed the finish line. She was so happy and that makes me the a happiest in the world. I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful mother. I can’t wait to cross the finish line on June 8th and have my mom there to support me.

  25. Hi Laura! What a lovely post and a lovely idea! I’m not a Mom, myself…well, unless you count all the dogs and cats I foster. To them, I am a healer, a feeder, a source of love and comfort. So in that sense, yep…I’m a ‘mom’. 🙂 My own mother passed away 8 years ago. And it still feels like yesterday. Though I run in her honor, she never actually got to see me be a runner. You see, she was vastly overweight and that killed her. Ironically, her death inspired me to become healthier and to stay fit. So every day, every step I take, every time my breath catches in my lungs, my legs ache and I want to quit… I remember that I hopefully WILL be a real ‘mom’ one day, and that my children will have me around for as long as possible. So…here’s to my Mom for being an inspiration even after she’s passed. She’ll definitely be at the Finish, waiting for me with a glass of champagne and some chocolate. She’d never miss that! 🙂 — Katie C.

  26. I liked your FB page and shared on Pinterest (!

    This year, I want to run for my grandmother.

    She is a strong, intelligent, and determined woman who was born in China then left for Taiwan to give her family a better life. Growing up with a doctor as a father, she had always wanted to become a surgeon. Unfortunately, at that time, it was unheard of for a woman in China to become a doctor, much less a surgeon. Her father explicitly forbade it and she had to continue her graduate studies in pharmacy. Before her stroke, she loved to work with her hands. She would try to impress me by holding onto a heavy pot with a single hand (I couldn’t even lift it with two!) or spend the day sewing clothes at a rapid pace for me and my sister. She always worked deftly, precisely, and with confidence. I loved watching her cook. After performing an acrobatic stir-fry, she would stretch out her wrinkled hands for me to see and keep them perfectly still. “I would have made an excellent surgeon,” she would say.

    She had a very comfortable and cushy life as a pharmacist in Taiwan. But once I was born, she and my grandfather sold their home in Taipei to join my mother in America and to help take care of me. As most Chinese were at the time, she was an avid smoker. But as more research came out linking second hand smoke to cancer, she and my grandpa decided to stop. I was around 3 or 4 at the time when I saw them sit outside in the backyard among her favorite flowers, talking and smoking for what seemed like the entire day. Then, they both put out their cigarettes and never smoked again for the rest of their lives. “All this is for you,” she would say.

    If it’s not obvious already, my grandma is a nerd. She thirsts after knowledge and enjoys cognitive challenges. When she first came to America, she was determined to learn English. She enrolled in a local community college and took the bus by herself to attend class. She got an A+ and was pronounced by the instructor to be the top student. I was always so proud of her for that. But in our family, it’s a running joke (no pun intended!) that she wasn’t much of an athlete. “The only exercises I do are the ones found in books,” she would say.

    So when I began to find a passion for running, my grandma was amused. “Girls shouldn’t exercise so much!” But I kept with it and eventually began participating in 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons. As I brought home medals and showed her photos of my smiles and finishes, her excitement grew. “Keep running! You can beat the boys!” she would say. So even though she has and never will be an athletic woman, she understands the desire to overcome challenges, and the discipline and sacrifice involved in training for a race. After all, she has done just that with her own life’s journey.

    I’ve always wanted her to do a 5k walk with me. But now that her stroke has left her almost immobile, I find it all the more reason why it’s important to run NOW. Life is fragile and our bodies are not forever. I want to run and celebrate her life NOW. Thanks for this opportunity to share about who we want to celebrate and how!

  27. I actually run to celebrate my mom-hood! I am the sole caregiver for my adult son who was injured in an automobile accident almost 5 years ago. He has a TBI and is total care – running keeps me sane and doing the things that a mom does in these types of situations – caring for her son. I run for him…because he cannot run. I never knew I was a runner and every time I come home I show him the medal and tell him what a great son he is for making me a runner. I’m a mom first – then I run to celebrate!

  28. Congrats on becoming an ambassador to See Jane Run! Love reading your blog and miss running with you, mama.

    My mother is across the ocean tending to her daughter-in-law and their newborn babe this Mother’s Day. So I celebrated by letting my husband and son cook breakfast, do dishes and laundry while me and my girl get some bonding time at Femi Marcus. Then I took the whole family to the ball park to see the Giants beat the pants off the Braves. We wrapped up the day with burgers, onion rings, fries and swim lessons. I’m one who has no trouble finding excuses to celebrate. But this Mother’s Day was fun, relaxing and free of anx. Every day should be so fine!

  29. To celebrate myself as a mom I run and work out! After the birth of my first son (who is 6 today!) I was about 90 pounds overweight, including the 50 I put on being pregnant. Having my son was a wake-up call for me. My dad died suddenly when I was 20 from heart disease and I knew I wanted to be alive to see my children grow up. So I joined Baby Boot Camp, and the rest is history! I lost all the weight and now help other women get in shape. So what I do to honor myself and others as moms is stay healthy so I can keep up with my family 🙂

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  31. I am so lucky to live close to my mom. She is an inspiration to me because at 70 she goes to Jazzercise classes with me and rides her bike all over the Bay area. Getting old isn’t so scary if I can follow in her footsteps. She also is the glue that holds our family together. We had a wonderful mother’s day brunch that was planned by my dad. It was awesome because none of the moms in our family had to cook – we just showed up at the restaurant.

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