Technical Difficulties

If you can relate to the above picture, then you know what kind of “technical difficulties” I’m referring to: running clothes. They are EVERYWHERE and it’s becoming quite an issue for me, my closet, and my dresser drawers. I have so much technical gear that I broke 2 drawers right off my dresser trying to shove it all in!

I was stuck home with sick kids yesterday so I did some laundry and went ahead and laid out ALL of my work out clothing on the bed and counted- I’m up to 78 technical shirts and 25 bottoms. And that doesn’t even take into account all the shoes, socks, bras, jackets, hats and headbands I’ve been collecting over the past 6 years.

“Hello, my name is Laura and I’m an addict.” Anyone else care to join me at AAA? (Athletic Apparel Anonymous) 

Here’s just a smattering of the collection…

Having a lot of athletic apparel isn’t really a problem- I’m sure there are people out there that have a collection double, even triple the size of mine- but maintaining it sure is…

Okay so how did I get here?  Well, I never really get rid of anything that’s made of technical fabric.  I’ll go through my day-to-day wear every season and toss out anything that hasn’t been worn for a year or so but when it comes to my work out clothes, I keep all the tops. I just can’t part with them. Especially if it’s a race shirt. I keep them all. No matter how stinky or yellowed the arm pits- I’ll look at a certain shirt and recall a workout with a friend or a great run or a certain race and a happy feeling will swell up in my tummy and back in the (broken) drawer goes the top.

Shirts never really go out of style but bottoms, on the other hand, I have to get rid of often- since I started working out, my body has changed as have the trends and a bottom I was comfortable in 4 years ago in no way suits me or my marathon goals now, so see? I’m not THAT much of a hoarder.

Actually, I take that back- when I counted my running apparel I noticed that of the 12 pairs of run shorts I have, I run in NONE of them. Thigh chafing, can’t stand it. My running shorts are for post-runs as they are the most comfortable things in the world and of course I have to have a variety of colors to suit my moods (unlike my running capris which are all black).

Okay, so FINE, I’m a hoarder. Whatever.

If I just put ALL of my running clothes on everyday, I'ld burn so many calories that I  wouldn't need to go the gym anymore!

If I just put ALL of my running clothes on everyday, I’d burn so many calories that I wouldn’t need to go the gym anymore!

Since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I really only get to experience two different seasons: Fallinter and Sprummer. Fallinter is that time from about November through the end of April when it is SUPER cold and often rainy and Sprummer goes from May to October and is THE BEST time of year to run here in Northern Cali as it is always sunny and warm.

When the seasons change, I try my hardest to move out the tanks, short sleeves and running skirts while moving in the long sleeves and long pants but then will miss certain pieces and go digging through all the piles to locate them again.  Which really means everything ends up out of the drawers and in a mountain on the floor in the middle of our bedroom.  Hubby LOVES IT when that happens.

I have a 4-drawer dresser and have commandeered most of the closet space for my clothing- also to Hubby’s delight- but the work out clothing takes up the majority of the space. 2 drawers of the dresser are dedicated to tanks and short sleeves (yes, the drawers I broke) and 2 shelves in the closet are dedicated to bottoms and long sleeves (while all run jackets are on hangers).  I believe I need double that to really organize my gear by seasons and to, at least, be able to find the piece I want when I want it.

Stupid day-to-day clothes all getting in the way! I NEED MORE SPACE!!!

Laundering all this crap gear is a whole ‘nother issue. I sweat a ton when I run and my running clothes get so super stinky that they need their own hamper for fear of endangering the rest of my casual clothing with B.O.

I’ll wash a shirt once, even twice, and it will still stink and have yellow armpits so I’ll scrub it with a round of Oxiclean in an attempt to remedy. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t but no matter what, that shirt STILL goes right back in the drawer!

Not only does my running gear get it’s own hamper to stink up, it also gets washed alone. On delicate. And anything I don’t want to shrink- bras, capris, skirts, some tops- gets hung over any free space left in the house (including towel racks, over the shower, over the bath tub, over the couch, over doors, on door knobs, and/or on a towel on the bed) and air-dried.  I can do 3 loads of regular laundry in the time it takes me to wash & dry my technical apparel- seems like a REALLY good way to spend my time. Right?

With all this workout clothing, I should REALLY be in better shape.

With all this workout clothing, I should be in better shape.

I love athletic apparel and athletic apparel loves me because I keep it all and I care for all of it so very much. Now, if I could just get more space and find a way to stink less, I would be living the dream!

As it happens, I am fundraising again for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and, along with my good buddy Kate, am hosting a shopping party here in Oakland at See Jane Run on March 3rd to benefit LLS- champagne, chocolate, and a 10% discount on shoes and apparel! We have tons of great raffle prizes too, so check out our Facebook event page for more details, save the date, invite all your friends, and COME ON BY!

As if I really needed an excuse to buy more gear… 😉


12 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Can`t believe you`ve that much stuff! I`ve been running for two years but only have two pairs of shorts, two pairs of legging and to pair of mid length leggins. Maybe ten t shirts. One fleece, three base layers, two bras. And honestly, that`s enough for me.Until I lose the 14ilbs! Which is going to happen any day now!

    • My collection started 6 years ago and I would also treat myself to new gear whenever I accomplished a goal- lost 5 pounds, PRed a race, finished my first marathon- all that good kinda stuff! But you’re right, it’s a LOT… my husband read this and called to tell me I am crazy! LOL!

  2. Ha ha! I need to show thids to my wife when I get home. I get so much grief about my running gear being strewn about our bedroom.

    One habit I’ve gotten into that has done wonders for my relationship is to bring my running clothes into the shower after I run. Rinsing everything immediately seems to keep the smell down to a minimum.

    • Hey, that’s a good idea! I actually kinda do that only when I take ice baths (as I wear all my running gear during) but then- in some sorta weirdo obsessive compulsive need- machine dry (on delicate/low/cool of course) those ice-bathed clothes first and THEN delicately wash and air dry yet again thereby adding one MORE step to the freaking process.

      But I like this- I’ll rinse off, then throw them directly into the washer… geesh… sounds way too easy… 😉

  3. I was JUST thinking of clearing out some drawer space for my growing running gear collection. I have it spread out and all over the place, stuffed wherever there’s a sliver of space. It’s not really working!

    • I’ve started wearing more of my tech tees as day-to-day wear so I can get more use out of the shirts I really like- clears out more space at least *some* of the time! Well… not according to Hubby!

  4. Wow, Laura. Just, wow.
    How about making your tech tees into some sort of quilt? Somehow, I’m pretty sure you don’t *need* 75 t-shirts. 😉
    My count: 5 long-sleeve t-shirts, 5 short sleeve t-shirts, 3 tanks (2 of which are brand new), 5 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of capris/running tights. But I’m in the market for new running bras! (and that’s what I’ll be going for at your See Jane Run event!)

    • I agree I don’t *need* that many but, per the sentiment & style points above, I certainly don’t want to get rid of any of them or turn them into a quilt! Blaspheme! 😉 I view it as a collection- one that I am honestly proud of- and am positive will continue to grow. Where and how I keep it all, that’s the real question…

  5. Why don’t you make (or get someone to make) a t-shirt quilt from your sentimental shirts. That way you can see and cuddle up with all those good memories!

      • Maybe a “normal person” would do something like that and make a quilt but I just can’t do it! With all the cotton race shirts (aka pajama shirts), yes, but not my technical apparel, it’s way too precious to me! (Again, I admit I’m not normal.) 😉

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