calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions-e13572425456659 days into the new year, pressure of the holidays over, home after a brief vacation to our cabin, kids back in school, and I can settle back into my “normal” routine and FINALLY find some quiet time to myself to write a blog post! Yippee!!!

I read somewhere that 60% of Americans do not make new year’s resolutions whereas 20% do (and the other 20%, who knows, maybe they’re the “it’s just another day” types). In the past, I’ve fallen into the 20% who DO vow/pledge/promise themselves at the start of a new year to change all the things I wanted to but didn’t the year prior. This year, however, I became one of the 60 percenters who did not bother to make even one lousy resolution.

Why? Well, cartoon Calvin there has a good point…


… not that I’m perfect, far from it. I am a constant work in progress and since I started running 6 years ago, I have naturally had to change my lifestyle to afford the miles: I go to the gym, get plenty of sleep, drinks tons of water, decrease meat while increasing fruit and veggie intake, and moderate my alcohol consupmtion. If you, like me, take your training seriously, it’s just what you do.

Making some sort of vague list of promises to myself implies that I was already doing things wrong. I’ve got plenty of negative self-talk in my head already, I certainly don’t need to add to it- I believe in myself, I’ve seen my progress, and plan to just keep on doing what I’m doing. It’s all about self-discipline. If I had it from January 2012 to December 2012, there is no reason why 2013 should be any different.

I like a challenge. In fact, I embrace challenge. The harder something is to achieve, the bigger and better the pay off. Having the self-discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle while training for marathon #3 is plenty challenge enough- there is nothing inside of me that I need to resolve to want to take that on! 2013 can’t boss ME around.


I’ve found in the past that resolutions often set me right on up for failure. The ball drops, you kiss your loved ones, and you make a list of all the amazing strides you’re going to take in the coming of the new year. Then, you wake up the next morning, hungover and grumpy with your tummy aching from all the pounds of food you ate the night prior and your resolutions for Day #1 already have kinks, and on comes the guilt and self-doubt.

We’re all human. We live life and we make mistakes. Some nights I stay up too late, sometimes I drink a little too much, some days I chose rest over a run, and some lotsa times I will eat a piece of cake as big as my face, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to berate myself for those choices.  I am my own coach and will always aim to challenge myself to move forward and accomplish the goals I’ve set. So, I take those late nights, bottles of vino, rest days and pieces of cake happily and without one bit of guilt.


I believe that we should all strive to reach our full potential on a daily basis. Goals are important but discipline is even more important, and indulgences (in moderation) are also important to living a fulfilled life. Make a list of those resolutions if you need to, but remember, life is about living and if today you broke your promises to yourself because life got in the way, well, tomorrow starts a new. BE the coach YOU want to be today and every day going forward!

And Happy New Year!!!

How about you, do you make new year’s resolutions or not? If so, what are your resolutions for this year? Are they any different than last year?


11 thoughts on “I Resolve NOTHING

  1. I love this post! I completely see where you are coming from. I love making lists and setting goals so New Year’s resolutions have always been fun for me to make.

    • Are they all running/exercise related? I guess I’m trying to say I ALWAYS strive to be good at what I do and be the best me I can be, that’s innate, you know? I’m catching up on your blog to answer my own question there, Suz, I swear! 😉

  2. Great post Laura! I am one who loves resolutions! I see them more as goals and I make them special and fun. Last year, my resolution was to drink more booze – meaning to try new things and not just beer and wine. The year before, it was take more baths. The weight loss/healthy ones are way too overrated…and truly set folks up for failure. I don’t know why people do that to themselves!

  3. Love it! I’m not a New Year’s resolution maker either usually. I did make some this year for running/health but mainly because I was just cleared to start running again after almost 3 months off for an injury. So I thought it would be appropriate timing to re-commit to some things (like eating more health consciously) and establishing a couple of concrete goals (2 half marathons). I absolutely agree with your reasons for not making resolutions this year, as it can certainly become a setup for failure.

    • Exactly- you kinda don’t “need” to make those resolutions (to ease back into it, plan a couple races, eat better due to training) because all of that goes hand in hand with your Already There passion, running!

      SO glad to hear your injury has healed- take it easy, girl and welcome back!!! 😀

  4. (Stupid iPhone erased my comment from the other day. ARGH.) Anyway, I agree for the most part. However, I do think the new year is a convenient time to reflect and make CONCRETE goals for the upcoming year. I hate vague resolutions — I think they are inherently setting you (general “you”) up for failure. I actually made a list of goals/resolutions this year. I hope I don’t come to regret it.

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