Gifts Ideas for Any This Runner

I’ve been good! I swear!!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again and I am positive that you have been suffering through the holiday email and snail mail barrage just like me: SHOP, BUY, SHOP, BUY!!! I don’t do and will never do Black Friday, I’m an Internet junkie so I try to get most of my Christmas gifts online in order to save myself the hassle of the people and lines at the brick and mortars, but that means that I have to start now if I want to insure availability and prompt arrival… so I have…

As you can see, I started writing this post with a “giving” bent but decided to write, instead, about the “getting”, especially since my blog is all about me all the time and Hubby claims to actually read my blog now (I am SUCH a helpful wife like that!). I like the stuff I like and the only one who really knows what I like is ME, you know? The items I want for Christmas have to do with- you’re never gonna believe it- running and cooking!

And here’s my Christmas Wish List…

photo credit: Transports

What’s the one thing every runner really needs (unless you’re the barefoot type)?  Shoes!!! Now, I don’t expect Santa to know my size or brand so a gift certificate to either of my favorite running shoe stores here in Oakland would be just dandy.

6014 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618

See Jane Run
5917 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618

photo credit:

Of course, I would love some new running clothes! I am pretty much obsessed with tech tees (I counted the other day- I have 72 total!!!), love running skirts, and definitely need more run tights as the weather gets colder.  I don’t buy run clothes online as I like to make sure they fit just right, so a gift certificate so any of the following sporting apparel stores would be sweeeeeet. There are some specific items I want at each so if someone actually wanted to be super thoughtful and go out of their way for someone else, someone could totally do that too.

Lululemon Athletica
2956 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705
Run Inspire Crop, Ice Queen Pant, First Base Tank

5652 Bay Street
Emeryville, CA 94608
Hurdle Top, Wildly Wick-It Top, Wind Warrior Tight, Relay Skort

3 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA 94111
Endurance Capri, Endurance Skirt, Run Like the Wind Jacket (currently on sale!)

Running Reading

I already have these 3 books and highly recommend them for the runner in your life: Train Like a Mother by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea (great for your running mommy friend), Eat & Run by Scott Jurek (perfect for your vegan ultramarathoning friend), and The Little Red Book of Running by Scott Douglas (just right for any runner who wants to go farther and faster, it’s like a pocket coach!).

The four running books on my wish list this year are:

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes

The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes by Biju K. Thomas and Allen Lim PhD (really any cookbook that’s related to running will work for me!)

Cooking things, must have cooking things…

We were lucky enough to get a Vitamix last month and let me tell you that thing is AMAZING!  I was hesitant to gt rid of my Cuisinart blender but just one round of liquefied carrots and I was hooked- smoothies, soup, dressings, milks, even home made nut butters! It’s on the pricey side but every foodie really needs one of these things, trust me.

I am slowly but surely making the switch from all non-stick cookware (which will kill you) to cast iron (which will lengthen your life) and have already invested in a few good pieces: one large cast iron skillet, one small cast iron skillet, and a cast iron dutch oven.  On my list this year is a brand spanking new (oven safe!) enamel cast iron grill pan from Lodge Cookware in red.  Must. Have. It.

Finally, I have always wanted an authentic paella pan, paella cook book, and large tube of saffron and what do you know, Sur La Table (conveniently located in Berkeley) has this handy dandy Paella Gift Set that includes all of that plus rice!  What a fantastic gift idea!!!

And if Santa doesn’t bring me some of the things I want this year, this will happen:

Consider yourself warned!

How about you? What is on your Xmas Wish List this year? Running or cooking related or not!


3 thoughts on “Gifts Ideas for Any This Runner

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  2. Allan makes an excellent paella and although he complains that it’s not an authentic paella pan like he used when he lived in Spain he “gets by” with using our oversized skillet. There’s nothing like a delicious meal of paella and tortilla de patata. Maybe I should just put that on my list!

  3. Ha, how can you have 72 tech t-shirts??? I have five and I think that’s a lot!! You need to do a give-away and give ’em away to your readers, especially cheeky new ones.

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