Meatless Monday: Service for 1

It’s Day 9 of our family vacation and Hubby will join me and the kids later this week, so in the meantime, I cook for one. Already feeling the effects of too many hamburgers and not enough running, I’m trying really hard to keep up with my goal of vegetarian eating at least on Mondays as the rest of the week demands a turkey sandwich for lunch and some form of grilled slab-o-meat for dinner.

Inspired by my friend Erica’s post on breakfast grains (check out Erica & Abbie’s blog– great recipes, great reading!), I attempted my own version with quinoa and it turned out super delicious and very filling.  Quinoa is nutritional perfection: a gluten-free, whole grain, complex carb, and a great source of fiber to boot- perfect for giving you the energy you need pre-run, and with the addition of the fresh fruit, also provides much needed vitamins and valuable antioxidants.

One bowl will do ya right!

Laura’s Breakfast Quinoa
Follow package directions, be sure to rinse, and prepare quinoa.  Take 2/3 cup cooked
quinoa (hot or cold, whatever you prefer!) and sprinkle with 2 hefty pinches of light brown
sugar and your desired level of cinnamon.  Top with about a 1/2 cup fresh, organic blueberries (or strawberries or raspberries), about a tablespoon of chopped roasted almonds (or walnuts or pecans), and enjoy! 

(For dinner, I’m planning a savory version of the quinoa bowl but will add edamame, arugula, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and avocado with some yet-to-be-determined homemade vinaigrette. I eat dinner around 9pm while on vacation- a tad too late in pacific coast blog time- so if it’s super delicious, I’ll be sure to write up the recipe some Monday in the future.)

For lunch, I quickly threw a together a Greek salad with cucumber slices, chopped tomatoes, white onion, and feta cheese on a bed of greens and tossed it all with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  The only thing I was missing was kalamata olives so I threw on some avocado for that extra dose of healthy fat. Ate it so fast, I forgot to take a picture!  That’s okay though, here’s a good one of what it pretty much looked like:

Minus the pepporcinis! YUCK!!!

There’s something about the combination of long days in the sun plus cabin living that equals the desire/need/requirement for a ice cold, delicious cocktail around 3pm every day.  I read a recipe for Peach Lemonade somewhere and after securing about 2 pounds of peaches at the local produce stand, I recreated it with fantastic results!  Check it out:

Peachy Goodness

Laura’s PeachAde with a Punch
-3 or 4 ripe peaches, chopped (about 2 cups)
-4 cups of water
-1/2 to 1 cup of sugar depending on your preference (I went with 3/4 cup)
-1 cup fresh lemon juice (or as much juice I could squeeze from the 3 meager lemons I had on hand plus mixed with store bought fake lemon juice concentrate to equal 1 cup)
-White rum

Put peaches, water, and sugar in a pot and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer a few minutes, then put the peach mixture into a blender and let cool for about a half hour.

Remove the centerpiece of the blender lid, put lid on blender, and cover the hole with a paper towel (this allows the steam to escape- I had to use about 4 paper towels as each got pretty soaked while blending), blend until smooth.


Pour that into a bowl and refrigerate for 3 hours.  (The taste is worth the time- trust me!)  When time is up, pour mixture over a sieve with a bowl underneath, reserving the juice and tossing any peachy solids.  Stir in the lemon juice. Prepare a glass with ice and one shot of white rum, then pour PeachAde over that, and garnish with a slice of peach if you’re feeling fancy.

Cheers to summer vacation!!!!!

(Okay, this makes a LOT more than just one serving but as I’m on vacation and alone with the kids for 2 weeks straight, 8 glasses of PeachAde IS one serving for me, ‘sankyouverymuch.)

Anyone have a version of the quinoa bowl/breakfast grain or fruity cocktail to share?  I would love to read your suggestions for healthy, yummy, meatless, and easy to prepare vacation treats!


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