So… Now What?

I’ve thought about going for a run several times since the marathon, but haven’t.  Honestly, I really did consider it, I swear, but my recovery has taken a strange even though much better path this second time around.

After the marathon, I was elated for about 2 days but then the inevitable post-marathon blues set in pretty heavily.  Endorphins gone, a disappointing race on top of it all, my Team in Training season over, and I became a miserable lump of self-pitying-good-for-nothing.  Knowing this was bound to happen, I made sure to fill my social calendar with good friends who would make me laugh and not chastise me too much for blubbering about my marathon woes.

BRF Anya making fun of me taking pictures of food… and seemingly snorting a toothpick all at the same time.

I was lucky enough to get profiled by the authors of Run Like a Mother on their blog last week and even though it was fun to be famous for a day and get tons of encouragement and pats on the back from friends and family, I was still really bummed out about San Diego.  (You can ready my profile here!)

Last weekend, I went away with my BFFs and even though in my funk I was not looking forward to that trip whatsoever (which included wine tasting- see, I really was depressed!), I went anyway and had such a great time!  Most of my closest friends are not marathoners so they easily told me to stop my whining, drink some fricking wine, and have a good time for the love of all that’s good!  So, I did!

At Lava Cap Winery with my BFFs, recovering from *myself*! (That’s me on the left, then Amy, Lea, Jen & Dana.)

Alright, alright, it took a little more coaxing than just some good wine and tasty snacks to shed my bad attitude…

A couple 64 ounce margaritas should do the trick! (The blurriness denotes my state of mind after one of these- don’t let the fruit fool you!)

And then we embarked on an amazing white water rafting adventure with Mariah Rafting and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  I can say that now but, if you know me, you know that I do not swim.  In fact, I am deathly afraid of the water.  Then why, you maybe wondering, would I ever say yes to white water rafting?  (Which is exactly what I was thinking after the rafting safety talk, or 100-different-ways-you-can-drown-and die talk.)  Well, I knew I needed something after the marathon to push my limits and get those endorphins back, and this was certainly a good choice…

I’m not even gonna tell you which one I am here- let’s just say that for once, I’m NOT smiling.

With rapid names like The Meat Grinder (which I re-named Pretty Flower), I was more than freaked out but we had an AMAZING guide named Eric who was really funny and great to talk to, and he helped to put me at ease.

… even then I thought for sure I was gonna die…

Didn’t die- totally survived Pretty Flower!  Laura: 1, white water: 0, spectators that heard my constant cursing: 500.

… I was sure to drown this time… (you can tell where I am by the fact that I am sitting in the raft clinging on for dear life)

DID NOT fall out of the boat, drown or die!  Miracles do happen!!! Yay me!!!  (And yay our stellar guide, Eric, he was a lot of fun to spend the day with- if you are in the Bay Area and looking for a great company to raft with, check out Mariah! Great prices, very well-organized, super friendly staff, gorgeous scenery, complete with lunch at the end of our trip!)

High Paddle Five for staying alive!

I returned home from our trip finally feeling happy again.  Scheduling an adventure like that really took my mind off the negative feelings surrounding the marathon.  It was so much fun to spend time with my BFFs- wallowing in self-pity just propagates it, pushing past it is certainly a challenge but doing so helped remind me what’s truly important in life.  Races come, races go but this time spent with my closest girlfriends is much more valuable than any medal could or will ever be.

And then I got some really great news: I was chosen to be the Fundraising Captain for Team in Training’s winter season!  WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!  This will be my fourth season with TNT, and my first time as a captain.  This season includes the Nike Women’s Marathon (my first season and first marathon with TNT) so I will be reuniting with several team mates and I really can’t wait to start running with them again!

Lovelies Sammie, Olivia, and Belle (photo credit: Belle)

Even more stuff-of-life has kept me busier than ever this week… including getting ready for a nice, long vacation at our family cabin, 7 weeks to be exact.  Yes, that’s quite a lot of packing!  So for the next 7 weeks I’ll be doing a lot of this…

(yes, those are my children)

And a lot of this…

love this lake!!!

And, can’t forget to get in some of this:

women make the best multi-taskers

While doing this:

Tony Horton is going to be my new trainer for the next 7 weeks and while I intend to take a break from running during that time (running at that altitude kills me anyway!) I promise to try to keep updating the blog with my P90X progress.  I hear it’s a tough but great workout, focused mainly on strength training, really meant to tone and firm those muscles which, after a 2 week break, should be all ready for a little pain and suffering.  Oh, I mean fun and “sweatness” (my 5 year old son’s word for “fitness”).

So this break from running will last until I return from my vacation in August.  I am not racing in August, I’ll just focus on ramping up my running again with my new Body By Tony Horton and my new TNT team.  September will be the Color Me Rad 5K, followed by the Ragnar Relay (go team At A Medium Pace!), followed by the Half Moon Bay 10K.  In other words, there’s a lot of running to look forward to and with Ragnar on the horizon, I have no excuse to slack off even in paradise!

And with that, I am off to finish packing as we leave for the cabin today!  Happy, happy summertime!!!

What are your plans for the summer?  Do you take breaks from running completely or replace it with something else, like me?  Do you think I am completely crazy for doing Ragnar???


9 thoughts on “So… Now What?

  1. I totally get into a post race funk. I feel like a lump and never want to get off the couch and usually tell myself – its OK you just ran a huge race – but i really stretch the limits when using that excuse. I’m going to do cross fit in between seasons – can’t wait to hear how you like p90x!! Any way, good support and good booze is key for post race bluzies! 🙂

  2. Totally love that you renamed that rapid “Pretty Flower.” Glad that you’re looking forward to some more “sweatness” — love those words little kids make up!

  3. I’m SO glad our Cocktail Moms wine tasting & rafting weekend cheered you up! We love you so much and hate to see you feeling sad. As I’ve told you a million times, you should be extremely proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished — I sure am. Congrats on being chosen as TNT Captain! That’s so great. I’m sure you are having a wonderful time in Pinecrest so far…can’t wait to come visit you! XOXOXO

    • Such a great trip, so much fun, very glad I let you almost drown me. Good times. 🙂 Can’t wait for you to get here, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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