Ode to my Mentees

Spring 2012 Kick Off

On November 5th we kicked off our Spring 2012 TNT team,
And as a first time mentor, my eyes did gleam.
I met Becky, Aimee, Tania, Chris, and Faye,
Together we celebrated and planned to rock the East Bay.

In the dark of the early mornings we met,
Looped the lake, the track, often the rain left us very wet.
Our long run Saturdays were always a joy to behold,
Team Awesome Dawson joined together and worked hard to fit Coach Al’s mold.

After 5 months of sweat, focus, and dedication,
The day has come, my dear mentees, for your ultimate declaration.
No wimps here, it is for our honorees we fight,
And finally, the Oakland Running Festival is in your sight.


Here’s to Becky, a TNT alum from 10 years ago,
Her first full was Big Sur, so she does know.
Fundraising events planned and chocolate oranges made,
Until the horrific IT Band did invade…

Becky pushed through, it was obvious how much she cared,
She wanted to be there, 100% unimpaired.
RICE was the Doctor’s orders and she did comply,
And now, fully healed, on Sunday it is Becky’s turn to fly.

Aimee's Fundraising Strategy

Here’s to Aimee, so very determined and willfull,
The beginning was hard, we were both a little fearful.
She dug down deep and kept on hitting the street,
But, for Aimee, there was something still incomplete…

Aimee decided to go from the half to the full,
Donations needed, Ryan Gosling got her a pocketful.
Despite any hurdles, Aimee did eveything to rise above,
And come Sunday, she’ll show Oakland what this team is made of.



Here’s to Chris and Faye, at first, Rome bound,
Life happens, out of our control, and often profound.
As a couple, they are in this together heart and soul,
Ice skating, baking, fundraising events in SF all for a new goal…

The Oakland marathon made more sense for Chris and Faye to complete,
They did the work, added the miles, did not retreat.
Their first 26.2 is finally right around the bend…
Chris and Faye, your strength, spirit, and dedication I do commend.


And here’s to Tania, TNT alum from cycle now to run,
I knew it was time to show her the fun!
Training is hard for an ER doctor with a newborn at home,
But Tania took her sneakers with her wherever she did roam.

From blisters to cramps to running pants that didn’t fit,
Tania is a woman who knows how to commit.
Her first half marathon now just a couple days away…
Tania is ready, able, and oh so willing to run cancer away.

Becky, Aimee, Tania, Faye,and Chris…
I’ll greet you at the finish on Sunday with a great big kiss!
Sharing this season with you has been a wonderful experience,
And I know you will accomplish your goal, rapt with resillience.

The strength of Team Awesome Dawson is amazing to see,
So many new, wonderful people now join the TNT family tree.
After almost 5 months of training, your praises, I sing!
Mentees, now is your time- time to Do The Damn Thing.

(all TNT photos courtesy of team mate Brandi!)


5 thoughts on “Ode to my Mentees

    • It’s been such a great experience being a mentor, so bummed it’s over but looking forward to The Big Race on Sunday! Good luck with your training too, Maddy- GO TEAM!

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