Oakland Marathon Training: Weeks 3, 4 & 5

Running the San Leandro Marina with TNT- December in the Bay Area is pretty, sure, but COLD!!!! (photo credit: fellow TNTer Brandi)

I completely and totally blame December, not myself, for my lack of focus with training, nutrition and blogging. This is one rough month!  Between the countless calorie-laden celebrations, millions of presents needing to be purchased and wrapped, the kids being out of school, and the illnesses that have been running rampant in my house, this is the first time in my life I have ever felt so bah-humbuggy!

I CANNOT WAIT for Christmas to be over.  Just call me Grinch– I won’t mind. But if you carol at me or hand me a candy cane, I will scream.  I mean it.

Nevertheless, I have been keeping up with my training for the most part and even though the mornings are now very dark and extremely cold- again, thank you so very much December- I always look forward to hitting the pavement with my team before sunrise.

At the end of our dark:30am Buddy Run at Lake Merritt, left to right, Belle, myself, Becky, and Anya (photo credit: fellow TNTer Joe)

Mentally, I have been trying to give myself a break.  I was sick before Thanksgiving, then sick again right after, got sick yet again a couple weeks ago and still feeling fatigued from it. Illness besides, I am sorta kinda training for a marathon so any missed long runs really heighten my anxiety.

We were due for 8 miles this past Saturday and even though I was sick, I thought maybe I could push it and do at least a few miles.  When I arrived, Coach Al took one look at me, wagged his finger and said, “Laura, what is my most important rule?”  And I responded, whining, “Mind over matter?  No wimping out? Do something nice for someone as well as yourself everyday??? I dunno, I feel like crap, Coach .”  And he said, “Do not let ego override good judgement!”  And sent me home.

I was upset at first but given that I felt like death warmed over, I took the reprieve as a blessing, came home, and took it easy.  Coach Al is right, as always.  Taking a little time off now insures that I won’t have to take MORE time off in the future. If you are a dedicated runner like me, I am sure you have had those moments where you have to chose between the run or the illness.  It’s hard to know when to go or when to stay put- Coach Al says that if a cold is in your chest or you have a fever and/or flu, stay home; but, if it is more like a head cold, hit the pavement.  Running does depress the immune system so know your limits, listen to your body, and in the words of Coach Al, never let ego over ride good judgement.  (I seem to keep learning that lesson the hard way!)

So 3 days until freaking Christmas, 4 days until Christmas is OVER, and one final week of 2011 to get out of this germ-infested slump and get those miles logged despite what December throws my way in the meantime.

If Santa was a runner, he would understand.

WEEK 3 (11/28-12/4)
Monday: REST, it just wouldn’t be the holidays if I didn’t get sick after every single one.  <sigh>
Tuesday: Run, 3.25 miles
Wednesday: Spin, 23 miles
Thursday: Track run with circuits, 2.25 miles
Friday & Saturday: REST
Sunday: Run leg 1 of the California International Marathon Relay, 6 miles (8:48/mile pace!!!  WOO HOO!!!)
Total: 11.5 running miles

WEEK 4 (12/5-12/11)
Monday: well earned REST
Tuesday: Run, 3.25
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Track run with circuits, 2.25 miles
Friday & Saturday: REST
Sunday: Run, 6 miles
Total: 11.5 running miles

WEEK 5 (12/12-12/18)
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Run, 3.25
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: Track run with circuits, 3 miles
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: SICK, SICK, SICK!  DAMN YOU, DECEMBER!!!!
Total: 6.25 running miles


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