The Liebster Blog Award

I was quite touched to hear that my friend Jen, of poor scientist. will blog for food., had nominated my happy little blog for the Liebster Blog award!  To quote Jen, “it’s basically like a blog chain letter, only much cooler. The idea is to spread the love from one small blog (i.e., less than 200 followers) to other small blogs, in order to build community, readership, and karma. The origins are hard to track down, but “liebster” in German means “dearest,” so I guess the idea is to spread the word about the blogs near and dear to your heart.”

Isn’t that awesome?!?!?!  Thank you, Jen, and thank you for reading!

The rules are quite simple:

1. Show your thanks to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog (if you like food and eating and everything that goes with it, you’ll ADORE Jen’s blog- check it out!)

2. Nominate five other happy little blogs by posting a comment on their blogs

3. Post the award on your blog

4. Discover new blogs and spread good karma- no problem!

While I am fairly new to the blogosphere, I do really enjoy it, and have been exploring other blogs about topics beyond running and food- shocking, right? So, here is my short list of blogs that are “liebster” to me….

The Blakery

Written by my friend and running buddy, Blake, The Blakery is all about making good food and I love her recipes as they are typically organic, sustainable, and very creative.  Check out her recipe for Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pecan Kitty Cupcakes but don’t show your kids or, like me, you will be making gum drop & licorice cats until next Halloween!

(Oh, that blog IS about food… well, at least it isn’t about running…)

Boston to Berkeley

Boston to Berkeley, written by Beth, is all about her adventures in food and running as, the title implies, she is a recent transplant from Boston.  I was lucky enough to meet Beth at a group run a few weeks ago so being able to attach a real live person to the blog is kinda cool and makes me totally biased, in a good way of course.  Beth is a very accomplished runner and also a wonder in the kitchen.

(Whoops, okay so that one IS about running… AND food… I swear I’m not obsessive.)

Wazo News

The author of Wazo News, Becky, hired me to be her wedding planner about seven years ago and I was so impressed with her craftiness and eye for color.  She had created her own wedding invitations and they were gorgeous- it did not surprise me when she started up an Etsy Shop to showcase and sell her handmade creations.  Becky’s blog is all about arts and crafts and each week she creates something new.  I am again completely biased because Becky is also one of my Team in Training mentees this season.

(See, that could have been about running, but it wasn’t- HA!)

Three Joshua Trees

Three Joshua Trees is all about native-Californian Robin and her family’s new life in the Middle East (Muscat, Oman to be exact).  Robin and I were besties in junior high and even though we lost touch in the college years, I was so happy to be reunited on Facebook and followed all of her preparations- including learning Arabic!- for the move.  She has three handsome boys and one very beautiful little girl and I more than enjoy reading their adventures and virtually watching those kids grow.  You need to tell them to stop doing that, though, Robin, k?

(I know she has to cook for her family and I also believe Robin dabbles in running but she doesn’t blog about it…  much…)

Twice the Funny

I recently stumbled upon Twice the Funny and love it!  It is fairly new, so I haven’t been reading too long, but as a blog about parenting twin girls, it is hilarious as well as honest.  While it reads more like a diary, I am sure Twice the Funny will get a lot of followers in a very short amount of time- as a fellow mom of two (mine aren’t twins but they are 12 months apart so they’re more like Irish twins) I can relate to the fact that kids really and truly do say the funniest and often wisest things you’ve never heard before.

(With twins, who has time to run or cook?  Safe again- shoo!)

Liebster love all over the place- running, food, parenting, travels, and more!  Thank you for the great writing, ladies!  I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do and Happy Reading!


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