Oakland Marathon Training: Weeks 1 & 2

circling coach, ready to RUN (photo credit: fellow TNTer Brandi)

And so it all begins again…

I had such a fulfilling experience training for and finally completing the Nike Women’s Marathon with Team in Training that I applied to become a mentor for the following season, and whadaya know, they were crazy enough to keep me around!  HOORAY! I currently have a group of 9 mentees and most, like me, are training for the Oakland Marathon while some are training for the Marathon in Rome.

goodie bags filled with tons of running stuff for my awesome mentees

It’s really fun to be a mentor.  It takes more of my time but for such a great cause, awesome people, and my favorite subject, I can’t help but enjoy it all!  Plus, I now have the motivation to get my butt out of bed at dark:30am during the cold and rainy winter season- usually, my worst time of year for running.  If you are an outdoor runner too, I’m sure you can relate!

My mentees are all very sweet, friendly, and inspiring in their own individual ways- I just love hearing their stories, connections to the cause, and thoughts on running. One of my mentees, Becky, is having a drawing for LLS on November 30th- please visit her page, check out the prizes, and donate today for a chance to win!

I really and truly hope to have the ability to run for the rest of my life and the determination to be a TNT mentor as long as I can run.

Running with the Best Team Ever- that's me in the white hat & shirt to the very right of Coach Al (photo credit: Brandi again)

These last 2 weeks have been very mellow, starting off easily.  I haven’t been pushing the mileage like I know I am able to, just following the training calendar as much as possible and working on my New And Improved Goals for Marathon #2:

1. Get Faster.  Well, not that fast.  Truth be told, I hate speed work.  If you have peeped my finish times, you may be surprised that for all the running I do, I’m really not that great at it!  That is, I’m slow-ish but honestly, I don’t really care- I believe that miles are miles are miles no matter how they are accomplished, speed is relative.  However, I would like to work on pushing myself a little harder this time around, like sub-9 minutes/mile.  But if that doesn’t happen, oh well!  That medal is mine no matter how long it may take.

2. Lose Weight.  Well, not that much, maybe just 5 pounds or so in order to help with goal #1 (less to lug around, the faster you go).  This is not a vanity-based goal at all, I am happy with my body and know that I am strong so what size I wear is superfluous to how I actually feel. Besides, I really like to eat good food and drink fine wine- deprivation is a completely foreign concept to me.

3. Strength Train More. Distance running can be mastered via correct breathing as well as strong arms and a tight core.  I hit the weights only once a week and worked on isometrics once a week when training for Nike, but plan to up that to weights twice a week. I don’t mind weight training, boot camp trained me well for that, but fitting it into my schedule will be tough.

4. Add One More Run Each Week. I am a fan of my rest days and last season, we ran long on Saturday so on Sunday I would always take for a rest.  Our training schedule suggests that on Sundays we do a 20-30 minute easy recovery run.  I haven’t been able to run on Sundays just yet but I am going to do my best to add it in this time around once the holidays and my social calendar have calmed down.

5. Don’t Be Such a Wack-A-Doodle. Alright, alright, I KNOW I was a just a little, tiny bit the Honorary Mayor of Crazy Town last season with my constant obsession with the marathon. I’m still as obsessed (that is, dedicated) but now that I have already completed one, I can go into this next one with a lot more perspective, confidence, and knowledge. I can’t promise that I won’t go completely psycho like last time but I promise I will try to stay calm… well, calmer

Sunday: Worst Half Marathon Ever, 13.1 miles
Monday-Thursday: REST (still depressed from Nike and that turkey of a half marathon “race”)
Friday: See Jane Run group run, 3 miles (my first time EVER running at night!)
Saturday: First TNT coached run, 2 miles
Total: 18.1 running miles

Sunday & Monday: Lots of puking, no running
Tuesday: First TNT buddy run, 3.58 miles
Wednesday: Spin, 20 miles
Thursday: Yoga, 30 minutes
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run, 4.68 miles
Sunday: REST (my daughter’s 6th birthday so I exchanged a run for chocolate chip pancake making!)
Total: 8.26 running miles

Just listen to Coach, don't wimp out, do the damn thing, and 26.2 #2 will be no problem! (photo credit: Brandi again! thank you, girl!)


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