Today’s Reason: Positivity

my new mantra

I realize that my last three posts have been pretty negative- from post-marathon depression to half-marathon disaster to stomach flu.  So very sorry about that! Normally, I am a happy and positive person, I swear, but my recovery from the marathon has, obviously, been a bit of a struggle.  Nevertheless, when my alarm went off at 5:35am this morning, I happily bounded out of bed, threw on my running shoes and hit the road thinking, “It’s time to turn this all around.”

It felt great.  I feel great.  Running is great.  (Profound, I know.)

My spin teacher always says that the one way to improve your work out is to smile. This, I believe, is true.  I’ve had some really rough runs where the effort completely shows on my face- I am a very animated person so I will scrunch my nose, grimace, growl, furrow my brow, and look angry at the entire world.  That type of emotion, I have learned, completely displaces my energy.  I lose the power I need to finish that last mile or go a little faster when I forget to be positive and just, simply, smile.

... and believe in yourself!

Often, when I talk to other people about running, they speak of the things they can’t do, “I just can’t wake up that early in the morning!”  “I just can’t find the time!”  “I just can’t run farther than 3 miles!”  “I just can’t run in cold weather!”  (Coach Al would call these people wimps- oh, you know who you are.)  What makes me different than these people is that I focus on what I can do.  I know my ability and I believe that I certainly can get up early, make the time, and push myself to go farther and as long as I focus on what I can do, I can certainly keep right on doing it.

And that, always, makes me smile.

So if you fall into the above can’t category, I challenge you to turn that thinking around- you know you can walk, and if so, then you can jog, and if you can jog, you can definitely run. You can also chose to eat right- every time you eat ask yourself how this food will help you reach your ultimate goal. And have faith in yourself- you do have control over your mind and your thoughts. Accept every thought, but never judge- be kind to yourself.  Negativity will keep you on the couch, but the power of positive thought is truly the ultimate motivator.


Truth be told, I don’t always practice what I preach (hello last 3 posts) but I certainly try and this week I am embracing the positive and it feels awesome.  I know I have ability to run at least 26.2 miles, I am able to get up in the morning, experience whatever the weather has to offer, see the sun rise, move my body, and will- I know– accomplish my ultimate goal.  Speed and physical strength mean nothing.  Ability and mental fortitude mean everything.

Today’s reason is simple and so is the question: what’s your ultimate goal and what are you going to do to accomplish it?


5 thoughts on “Today’s Reason: Positivity

  1. Great post! I can always use some positive encouragement. Right now, I’m training to run an ultra and it’s kicking my butt! I’m just going to try smiling this week! 🙂

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  4. Hi! I’m only in high school, but I’ve been reading this blog and I love it! All my life I’ve had a love/hate relationship with running; however, lately I’ve been more on the “love” side, and I want to take that positivity and run with it! (No pun intended.) Although volleyball is my main sport, I want to do cross country next year! It might be tough to balance (v-ball and XC are in the same season), but XC is my goal! Please keep posting reasons to run like this, they really inspire me and make me smile 🙂 thanks for a great blog!

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