Run Like a Mother Giveaway!

I contacted the authors of Run Like a Mother (RLAM) last month when canvassing the online running community for item donations towards my Mother of all Raffles for LLS. One of the authors wrote me back personally (I was pretty star struck, I’m such a dork!) and offered to donate to the raffle as well as send a second book to giveaway on my blog! SWEET!  Thank you again, Sarah!

I’ve only read two books about running so far: Born to Run and RLAM. No offense to Chris McDougall, the Tarahumara, and/or Vibram, but RLAM is by far my favorite mainly because I am most definitely a mother runner and find it incredibly hard to balance my running and racing lifestyle with the needs of my family. I’ve read it twice, keep it on my nightstand, and reference it often.  (Kinda like a bible? Yeah, kinda. Does that make me kinda weird?  Yeah, definitely.)

There are so many great aspects of this book, but the main thing that draws me in is the authors’ awesome sense of humor and ease with which they discuss a topic that can be fairly dry- it’s like listening to two good, really funny running friends.  I think all female athletes can relate to this book, even if you are not a mother and even if you are a running novice. For those of us who are mothers, though, it is an especially relate-able read. I most appreciate their revelations about weight, marriage, motherhood, mental health, and the emotional aspects of being injured as it applies to sticking with your athletic goals without driving your family and non-running loved ones completely crazy.  (Too late for me, but there’s still hope for you!)

I also love the candid accounts of Sarah and Dimity’s own journeys as runners and marathoners; the idea for the book, coincidentally, all started with the Nike Women’s Marathon so you know I am more than biased with my love for RLAM!  RLAM is also part training manual- they give solid advice about gear, nutrition, racing, running through pregnancy, and how to get back to it postpartum.

So if you are looking for a 5K/10K/half/marathon training plan, this book is not for you; but, if you’re looking for some running inspiration and motivation laced with humor and wit, look no further…

If you would like a chance to win a copy of RLAM, please “like” RLAM on Facebook and for an extra entry, “like” Running 4 the Reason on Facebook and/or subscribe via email. Leave a comment here letting me know you did and I will randomly select a winner next Thursday, November 3rd.

Good luck and Happy Running!


10 thoughts on “Run Like a Mother Giveaway!

  1. Liked RLAM on FB (and of course I already like you on FB!). This book sounds just what I need to get my 5 week post partum body running again!

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  3. Definitely love RLAM. Got to meet them at ZOOMA Great Lakes a couple weeks ago and felt a bit “star struck” myself. So much fun to talk with Dimity in person and hear her story. I “liked” RLAM a while ago, and now I “like” you too 🙂 I just like running!!!!

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