Today’s Reason: Marathon.

Well, I DID it!  I ran my first marathon and am still amazed.  What a crazy adventure! I am still a little dazed, riding the high, and very proud of myself.  I can finally call myself a marathoner and that feels AWESOME!  My Tiffany’s finisher necklace is pretty awesome too- I’m never taking it off.  Ever.

When I first wrote of my decision to do 26.2, it was marathon-question-mark and now, as you can see, it is marathon-period.  I set my sights on a goal, followed the training, and accomplished something that less than 1% of the population ever attempts- I actually ran a marathon.  Wowzers.

This is not my Nike Women’s Marathon race recap just yet- now that it is over and my head is finally clear, I am taking care of all the things I’ve been ignoring for the past month due to my Marathon Mind; however, I am excited to announce that I was chosen to be a Team in Training mentor for this next season and am, starting November 12th, going to get ready for the Oakland Running Festival full marathon in March 2012. Having the amazing TNT training and support at my fingertips, it’s a no-brainer.  I am also born and raised here so I’ve got a ton of Oakland pride, it is a very apropos marathon for me to do, and to help my mentees do it too will make it another great adventure.

I learned a lot of lessons during this marathon #1, mainly through the mistakes I made, and I am really looking forward to doing even better on #2.  I am trying not to be too disappointed in my time as it was my first one and, in my excitement, I broke all the cardinal rules- started too fast, took the hills too hard, lost focus, forgot about form, wimped out in the last 10K, et cetra and so on…

Nevertheless, I did the damn thing and that feeling is mine, all mine.  I worked hard, completed my goal, and did not get injured in the process- and, now, I am crazy enough to do it all over again!  Watch out Oakland, here I come!

and there was much rejoicing 🙂


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