Marathon Training: Weeks 19 & 20

Well, here it finally is… training has come to an end and tomorrow is The Marathon.  Wow. I can’t believe it… I’m very nervous and very excited. Time to focus and believe in these 5 months of training- I am ready.  I will do this.  It’s just a matter of time, will, and determination.  No problem.  <gulp>

Thank you, my running idol Kara Goucher, for the words of luck:

Today, the adventure begins with a BART ride to the city where I will proceed to the Nike expo to pick up my bib, shop for some Nike schwag, and find my name on the big Nike wall of participants for some good photo ops.  After that, I will grab a light lunch and check into my hotel room, try to relax, then head out to meet my Team in Training teammates for the Inspiration Dinner.  Hopefully, I can calm my nerves enough to get some rest and then tomorrow morning, at 5:45am, we’ll meet in the lobby and head to Union Square for final words of wisdom from Coach Al before our 26.2 mile victory run.

I GOT THIS, Coach Al! Thank you for everything! (photo credit: fellow TNTer Geri)

These last 2 weeks have been pretty mellow, gotta love a taper.  I took it easy after the Rock n’ Roll half marathon and ran just once this week.  The day after our last long run of 8 miles last week, I did the Muddy Buddy bike/run race with my BFF and neighbor Josh and that was tough!  I haven’t been on a bike in over 6 years, let alone a mountain bike on trails with bumpy rocks (ow, my crotch) and a lot of precarious descents.  I took it like a sissy as I was well aware that crashing or falling could result in breaking an appendage and that would kinda sorta definitely hamper my ability to run the marathon.

So if you did that race and you were one of the ones yelling as you passed me to “GET ON THE DAMN BIKE!” Thank you so much, I appreciate your concern, but I’ve got bigger things on my mind… that mud crawl sure was fun though!  (Look out for my race recap in the next few days.)

dirty girl

Monday: REST
Tuesday: Yoga, 1 hour
Wednesday: Spin Class, 22 miles, followed by weights
Thursday: Track run, hills and isometrics, 1.5 miles
Friday: REST
Saturday: 8 miles run
Sunday: Muddy Ride & Run, 6.3 miles
12.5 running miles, 25 biking miles

Monday: REST
Tuesday: REST (that Muddy Buddy was no joke!  Still tired…)
Wednesday: 3.23 miles run
Thursday: REST
Friday: REST
Saturday: REST
Sunday: The Big One, 26.2 miles run
29.43 running miles


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