‘Twas the Night Before Nike

‘Twas the night before Nike and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
My Asics and Thorlos placed by the front door with care,
In hopes that a PR soon will be there.

Down by 8:30pm, nestled all snug in my bed,
While visions of tuxedo-ed firemen dance through my head.
Lap top open, staring at the course map,
I know I’ll need at least an 8-10 hour nap.

Alarm will go off at 5am with such a clatter,
Time to focus and minimize the internal chatter.
Peanut butter toast and banana eaten in a flash,
Get to the starting line, time to cut the sash.

The rising sun will light Union Square,
5 months of training, we know how to prepare.
Then, to the crowd’s wondering eyes, what should appear?
Our purple-clad Team Driven, led by Belle’s booty-shorted rear.

In a flash we’ll be off- we know what to do,
Take a deep breath, stay hydrated, and swallow some Gu.
As we each settle into the pace we have found,
Down the Great Highway we’ll run with a bound.

Now Laura!  Now Kate!  Now Geri and Sammie!
On Jennette! On Emily!  On Jessica and Sandi!
To the top of each incline, Keisha will beam,
“East Bay Rocks! No Wimps! LET’S GO TEAM!”

26.2 miles is nothing compared to what we are really here for,
Our honorees are the true heroes; I wish I could do more.
For everyone with blood cancer, all those battling and surviving,
It is for YOU that I run this marathon, and promise to keep on striving.

Be it sunny, windy, snowing or raining,
I won’t mind as these miles are all for Team in Training.
And on race day, in my head, Coach Al’s voice will ring:
“It’s mind over matter- just Do The Damn Thing.”

5 MORE DAYS!!!!!!


13 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Nike

  1. As your proud mother-in-law, I am forever grateful to have you as my daughter. You are a rare gem — full of creativity, goodness, and love. You are also becoming a fine athlete along with the poet I always knew was inside you. See you at the end of your great run.
    Love, Kathryn

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