Giveaway and Raffle Winners

Who doesn’t love hearing good news on a Friday?!  Well, get ready, I’ve got a LOT of it!

First, I am happy to announce the winner of my Run Pretty Far Giveaway is Sammie! Thanks for the info, Twinsie- your Love the Run shirt is on the way!

Second, the winners of my Mother of all Raffles follow- thank you all for your support and donations.  With your help, I met my fund-raising goal and then some, reaching nearly $2900 raised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  THANK YOU again and again and again!

And finally, Hubby implored me to explain to how I chose the winners for my drawing. I disagreed (BORE-ING) but then he threw around big words like “legitimize” and “authenticate” and that scared me a little so here goes, don’t fall asleep on me…

where the magic happens

Each time I received a donation or page share, I entered the donor’s name into a spreadsheet, one entry for every line and every line has a number.  Sarah donated first, she became numbers 1 through 40, Kate donated next and became entries 41 through 67, and so on. In all, there were 952 entries so I entered 1 through 952 on and it spat that list of numbers back to me in random order.  Starting at the top of the list and at the top of the blog post, Hubby read off the random numbers in the order they appeared while I attached them to each prize and here are the results!

Nuu-Muu Athletic Dress, #361, Jennie

iFitness belt, #99, Margaret

SpiBelt, #697, Ashley

SpiBelt wrist/ankle pocket, #886, Dana

Amazon gift certificate, #908, Tisha

nuun pack, #873, Angelica skirt, #758, Kathryn

Sweaty Betty run outfit, #649, Amy

Run Like a Mother Book & Sweaty Band, #304, Patty

Allied Medal Display, catalog, #167, Emily

Allied Medal Display, custom, #198, Karen

Running Divas tank, #374, Kathleen

Running Divas short sleeve shirt, #74, Margaret

Running Divas long sleeve shirt, #252, Hannah

SkinnyRunner tech tee, #630, Amy

1BandID #1, #38, Sarah

1BandID #2, #242, Michelle

Lift Your Sole “Faith Hope Love” necklace, #178, Emily

Lift Your Sole “Runner Girl” necklace, #48, Kate

GymGirl Ultra skirt & visor from Skirt Sports, #438, Ashley

Arbonne pack, #155, Lesley

BicBands pack, #53, Kate

Zina Kao Exclusives 1, #401, Jennette

Zina Kao Exclusives 2, #136, Lesley

Zina Kao Exclusives 3, #693, Molly

Zina Kao Exclusives 4, #311, Patty

Zina Kao Exclusives 5, #433, Tisha

Zina Kao Exclusives 6, #718, Kathryn

Benefit Beauty Bash, #581, Amy

And if you didn’t win this time, don’t be too bummed- I have lots of great giveaways coming up so keep reading Running 4 The Reason for a chance to win!

Happy Friday!


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