Bondi Band Giveaway!

i think i need more

Obviously, I am more than addicted to my collection of Bondi Bands. I even wrote of my commitment to BBs in a past post and now, thanks to Rebecca at Bondi Band, I have a give away for 2 lucky readers!

I sweat like a man when I work out and when I first started running I would just suffer through the sweat pouring off my head, mixing with last night’s moisturizer, and stinging my eyeballs. Not comfy.  Not cute.  Downright annoying.  Bondi Bands solved this problem and became my savior.

I came across Bondi Bands a few years ago via an advertisement in Runner’s World magazine- they proclaimed “no drip, no slip” and came in so many cute patterns it was an easy sell.  I also tend to wear lots of solid colors so having a pattern on my head makes me feel a lot more hip than I really am- yay for that!

They have 2 types of headbands- light wicking and heavy wicking.  I use the patterned light wicking bands for every day work outs- from boot camp to easy morning runs to weights at the gym- and they are perfect.  I use the solid colored heavy wicking bands for the harder workouts where I tend to sweat gallons, like spin class or hill repeats.  “No drip, no slip”- most definitely.

Bondi Bands have become one of my favorite running necessities, and I never leave home without them! What is your favorite running necessity and why?  Two lucky readers with the most creative comments will each win one light wicking Bondi Band in the new Claire pattern (light pink with dark pink and gold accents) pictured here:

Claire Bondi Band

Winners will be chosen by yours truly and announced on Thursday, September 8th so check back next week to see if you won!  Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Bondi Band Giveaway!

  1. good running capris are a MUST— they need to stay in the back put so the junk stays in place and doesn’t ride up like most shorts do.

  2. I have not yet managed to find a band that will not slip off my oddly shape head. Would love to try one. And Laura you always look very hip in yours 🙂

  3. With this summer’s heat and humidity, a band is something I’m totally seeing the need for. My current fav necessity, though, is my Garmin. It’s a mixture of good and evil, but it has helped me learn to keep steady pace, reach for time goals, but most of all – a good reminder of how much time I’m spending on myself when I’m out running. I almost always have the time of day in my four box display so that I can tell when it’s too soon, or too late, to get going toward home!

  4. I need a good running bra. I mean, without that….I would scare small children, animals, trees, dirt….anything that I ran by…and I would most likely put my own eye out. That would seriously cut my running career short. Just sayin’. 🙂

  5. Awesome… Hmm.. I’ve got straight & slick hair, so it’s hard to manage my hair (thus I resort to a cap). I’m hoping the Bondi Band will control my tresses and hey, it might even help my short-stature more aerodynamic so I can keep up with you, Laura! 🙂

  6. Hmmm. Hard to choose. Love the Garmin but depend on my knee braces. I use cheap knee braces from CVS, I look like I am injured at all times. I get lots of “Oh dear!” looks from other runners but I have lost my embarrassment over them a while ago. They keep my knees from buckling (this is important while running) and they remind me to keep good, or relatively good form.

    I can definitely see using the bands. I am always in a hat and I have to say, its sometimes too hot for a hat. The hat also can impede the sight lines when I run. And there you go!

  7. I’m just starting to run and honestly, right now my favorite “necessity” is the finish line! I’ve always wanted to run and I’m trying, really trying, but dang it, it’s hard! I’m going shopping this weekend for gear that will make it more enjoyable so maybe I’ll find my favorite necessity at the store!

  8. A hat or visor is essential – I can’t deal with my bangs on my face while running, and quite honestly can’t be bothered with brushing my hair before an early morning run. I’ve never found a hair band that will stay on my small, fine-haired head for more than 5 mnutes. What makes this band different?

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