Marathon Training: Weeks 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Yeah, yeah, yeah, obviously I’ve been slacking on the blog, I know… <sigh> After 28 days in the mountains, coming back home and trying to get back to my regular routine has not been easy, I tell ya!

My goal was to continue blogging while at our cabin during the month of July; however, there were 2 major problems with that. The first and worst was DIAL UP.  Sheer torture.  Enough said.  The second issue was the altitude– how could my bitching and complaining about those 6500 feet be an entertaining read to anyone?  I certainly wasn’t feeling proud.  Every run I did in those 28 days was such a struggle- I would get dizzy, see spots, feel nauseous and head achy every time, and then crappy for about 2 hours afterwards. I became doubtful of my ability.  After a particularly bad 9 mile run, I returned to the cabin, fell to the floor in a sweaty puddle, and cried- if I could barely do 9, how in the heck am I going to get up to 26.2???

Well, guess what?  I’m finally back to my old sea-level self and feeling great.  My runs have been incredibly satisfying and successful.  Even though I walked a ton in the altitude, my running endurance back here in the Bay Area has greatly improved, I’m running faster than ever, and the doubt I had has been squashed.  YAAAAY.

I completed a 14 mile trail run- my longest distance ever- at Redwood Park in Oakland on Saturday with my Team in Training and it was absolutely amazing.  Lots and lots of hills, mud puddles, rocks, dogs, crazy mountain bikers, and chafing… my inner thighs will never be the same again.

During the second half of the run, I started to smile and something changed in me- my breathing relaxed, my arms pumped harder, and I just flung my body down those hills without any concern for my personal safety.  I felt like I was flying.  I am so very happy to have my running mojo back and feel very proud of myself.

Mamma’s baaa-aaack.  Bring it 26.2, bring it.

after 14 miles...

Monday: REST (it was 4th of July, so…. yeah…)
Tuesday: 4 miles run
Wednesday: REST (it was… ummm… hot, yeah…)
Thursday: Circuits, about 3.5 miles run
Friday: REST
Saturday: 9 miles run (attempted 10 but nearly fainted at 8.5 so that was it for me!)
Sunday: REST
16.5 total running miles

Monday: Strength training, 40 minutes
Tuesday: 4 miles run
Wednesday: REST (hungover)
Thursday: REST (again, hungover)
Friday: REST
Saturday: 6 miles run
Sunday: REST (I was on vacation, after all)
10 total running miles

Monday: REST
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: REST
Friday: REST
Saturday: REST
Sunday: REST
Altitude: 7, Laura: 0

Monday: Strength training, 45 minutes
Tuesday: 4 miles run
Wednesday: Spin class, 19 miles
Thursday: REST (tweaked my back on one of those stupid massage chairs, couldn’t walk without pain, figured running would be pretty stupid)
Friday: REST
Saturday: 8 miles run
Sunday: REST
12 total running miles, 19 miles bike

Monday: Strength training, 30 minutes
Tuesday: 5 miles run
Wednesday: Spin class, 18 miles
Thursday: 3 miles run
Friday: REST
Saturday: 14 miles run (YEAH BABY!!!  Even “treated” myself to my first ever ice bath– man, can I cuss!  WOO!)
Sunday: REST
22 total running miles, 18 miles bike


2 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Weeks 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  1. Altitude is no joke!!! When I was in Breckenridge in July and tried to run…well it wasn’t pretty. And then I signed up for a 4k trail run at 10K feet…couldn’t breath, could hardly walk. The locals told me it could take weeks to months to adjust to the altitude. Good to be back on semi-sea level for sure!
    14 miles is VERY impressive…and on a trail? You are a rock star!

    • And how do you feel now that you are back home, Margaret? Everyone said “you’re gonna be so much stronger” for training at altitude and, with all the walking I did, I certainly didn’t believe! Happily, I was wrong!

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