Marathon Training: Weeks 4 & 5

Last week was normal, highlighted by my first 8 mile training run.  I did a great job, held about a 9:00 pace and was very proud of myself.  Starting this week, however, things are abnormal as I begin my month-long vacation at our mountain cabin.

Being at the cabin has always meant indulgence- staying up late, eating lots of unhealthy foods, drinking tons of adult beverages, and laying around just basking in the beauty of this woodded wonderland.  In other words, we do absolutely nothing and love every minute
of it.

when not running, you can find me relaxing and reading about running

And, yes, that is very nice, don’t get me wrong, but as I am preparing for my first marathon, I am determined to stick with my training schedule as much as possible.  I have hit all my work outs so far this week and a 6 mile run is planned for tomorrow.

Working out and running at an altitude of 5,000 feet is incredibly humbling.  I went out for my first run this week and my lungs felt like they shrank to the size of peas, I was audibly gasping for breath within the first mile, my legs were immediately fatigued from the
constant hill work, and I was very dizzy, nauseous, and headachy after wards.  On top of it all, I got completely lost so my planned easy 3.5 miles on Tuesday turned into a very difficult and frustrating 4.3.

This makes me very nervous.  The inability to breath, all the hills, getting lost… my first 10 miles is planned in Week 6.  I have to get my head in the game and figure out the changes I need to make in order to combat these challenges, including the constant desire to
completely indulge in laziness, food, and drink.  Hopefully my long run tomorrow will serve to work out these kinks- I’ve got to stay mentally tough and I know I can.

I sure like sleeping in, hamburgers, ice cream, and red wine… I guess that’s what REST days are really for!  And guess what today is?

Monday: Strength Training, 35 minutes
Tuesday: Run, 3 miles
Wednesday: Spin class, 17.75 miles
Thursday: Circuits, about 2 miles Run
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run, 8.25 miles (Woo hoo!!!)
Sunday: REST (1st day at the cabin, I just had to relax!)
13.25 running miles
17.75 biking miles

Monday: Strength Training, 35 minutes
Tuesday: Run, 4.3 miles
Wednesday: Jillian Michael’s Yoga DVD, 30 minutes
Thursday: Circuits with the hubby, about 3 miles Run
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run, 6 miles
Sunday: Run, 3 miles
16.3 running miles


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Weeks 4 & 5

  1. Let me know about how you adjust to the altitude. In a few weeks I’m off to Breckenridge for a week in high altitude and I gotta be training too!! I assumed I needed to take it slow in the beginning to get used to it….and then I’m cool, right? Right?

  2. The altitude is nooo joke! So impressed that you’ve been hitting all the runs so far–I found it hard to do even 1. Hang in there!

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