Marathon Training: Week 3

Last week things started to get pretty busy around here with my daughter finishing kindergarten and me preparing the whole family for four weeks at our beautiful cabin in the woods (we leave this Sunday!).  The blog has been missing me and I’ve been missing that pure-quiet-no-kids-time to just sit, think, and type- I’ve been interrupted by my beautiful children about 12 times while just typing this sentence.  Hooray.  Nevertheless, I’ve been hitting my work outs and feeling great about it!

Completed my first 6 miles since my IT band injury and so far so good.  I have also raised over $1100 for Team in Training– over halfway to my goal!  YES!!!  I was also very stoked and inspired to open up this month’s issue of Runner’s World magazine to see a huge spread about Team in Training and the progress we have made towards outrunning cancer, check out the article here.

Monday: Strength Training, weights & resistance band work, 30 minutes
Tuesday: Run, 4 miles
Wednesday: REST (got a very bad sunburn on my legs on Tuesday, too painful to pull tight biking shorts over my quads let alone walk, so I skipped spin class)
Thursday: Run, hills & circuits, 3 miles
Friday: REST
Saturday: Run, 6 miles
Sunday:  REST (would have run 3 miles but it was Father’s Day and hubby demanded to sleep in)
TOTAL: 13 running miles


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