Marathon Training: Weeks 1 & 2

It’s time to start counting down the training days until the Nike Women’s Marathon on October 16th (11 days down and 163 to go- that sounds like a lot of time, but I had a minor stroke just typing that, still pretty nervous about my first 26.2!).

Last Tuesday I had my first-ever track run.  When I thought about running around and around and around an oval for who knows how long without my trusty LauraPod, I figured it would be just as torturous as the dreadmill, but it really isn’t too bad!  These track runs are basically Running 101 classes where Coach Al teaches breathing and form.  I soak up all the information and then actually apply it on the track, I love it!  I’m such a running nerd!

As you can see from the following- or, more specifically, what you don’t see- is that I have not taken a REST DAY in 2 weeks.  My legs are so tired right now, my pace is getting slower and slower and I have had to take at least 1 walk break during my runs this week. I promise to work in a rest day soon here less my IT band strikes back and the sub-9 minute/mile pace I’ve worked so hard for never returns.  (In my defense, there is a ton of running involved in my boot camp, including high intensity fartleks and hill repeats– very hard, very tiring, but worth it.)

I’ll be trying Hiking Yoga for the first time this Sunday in San Francisco and I am really looking forward to it!  Stay tuned for my review…

Monday: Run, 3 miles, avg pace unknown (extremely hungover, no Space Watch, it was a miracle I even got out of the door!)
Tuesday: Run, 3.1 miles, avg pace 8:45
Wednesday: Boot Camp
Thursday: Track Run, 1.5 miles, avg pace 8:37
Friday: Boot Camp
Saturday: Track Run, 1.75 miles, avg pace 8:42
Sunday: See Jane Run 5Kish, 3.22 miles, avg pace 9:12
TOTAL:  12.57 running miles

Monday: Boot Camp
Tuesday: Run, 3.1 miles, avg pace 9:30 (legs so fricking tired!)
Wednesday: Boot Camp
Thursday: Track Run, 2 miles, avg pace 9:45 (may be about time for a rest day, ya think?)
Friday: Boot Camp
Saturday: Run, 4 miles, avg pace TBD (please come back, sub-9!)
Sunday: Hiking Yoga
TOTAL:  9.1 running miles

no one is cute at 5:50am!


4 thoughts on “Marathon Training: Weeks 1 & 2

  1. Oh, I think you’re adorable. I wish I had the discipline to get up early to work out. I’m horrible in the morning.
    Take a rest day soon! You’ve earned it!

  2. Just think how strong your legs are getting as they work while fatigued–once you get to go for a rested run they’ll be so bouncy!
    DON’T HURT YOURSELF! Otherwise be tough and take pride in hard-earned soreness!

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