Race Recap: See Jane Run 5K

I’ve been putting off writing this first race recap as I was not too thrilled with my performance for this one.  I’m over it now- well, somewhat- so here goes…

The all-female See Jane Run 5K & Half Marathon took place this past Sunday June 5th and even though it was pouring rain all day prior, we were met with a dry course and blue skies- thank goodness!  When the race was about to start, I maneuvered my way to the front in order to avoid too much weaving in and out of people as I had my sights set on a PR for this one.   Let me save you the suspense- I did not PR.  Hmph.

The race started and I faced one of my biggest race pet peeves right out of the gate- why oh why do the slower people come up to the front?  I’m not super fast by any means but if you’re a slower runner, say plus 10 minute miles, get to the back please!  I signed up for a run, not an obstacle course, people!  So as we started, I was weaving in and out, in and out of all the slower people, and that slowed me down significantly.  After about a half mile I finally had my space and I tried to pick it up but my legs refused to go any faster than a 9 minute mile.

Space Watch chimed 1 mile way before I hit the 1 mile marker.  And then again at mile 2 and 3, it beeped before I hit the marker.  Strange, I thought, and just kept chugging along.

At about mile 2 I faced one of my other race pet peeves: children.  Okay, I have two kids, they are cute and I love them and all but these kids were probably 8 or 9 years old with no concept of race course etiquette whatsoever.  When this one runner kid stopped dead in his tracks right in front of me, right in the middle of the course, I tripped over him, yelled, “Hey, watch out!” and then kinda pushed him aside as another runner collided into me.  That was fun.  There goes my PR.

I hit mile 3 and sprinted to the finish, got my medal, then looked down at Space Watch which clocked 3.22 miles.  3.22???  Where did that extra .12 come from?  This was my 27th race and that has never happened before.  I wasn’t the only one who clocked in longer than 3.1 and even some of my friends who ran the half marathon came in around 12.8 miles.  Not fair.  I was robbed, I tell you, robbed!

I can sit back and keep blaming the course, See Jane Run, the slower people at the start, or that kid who nearly killed me, but I know I really only have myself to blame.  My Team In Training Coach says quite often, “Don’t let your ego override good judgement.” And this time, I did not listen; however, I have officially learned that lesson.  I ran 5 consecutive days prior around a 8:30/mile pace which is pretty fast for me, so my ego was inflated.  I thought I could smash it and PR this one, but, without a rest day, my legs thought otherwise and I really should have listened.  My official time is 29:38, placing 28th out of 270 in my age group.  Not too bad but not great either.  I must focus on what went right instead of what didn’t: it didn’t rain, I ran the whole thing, I slept well the night prior, I was completely hydrated, I ate well that morning, my IT Band kept quiet, and not one foot blister- all good, good things!

run, Laura, run!!!

After the finish, runners get medaled and then are treated to bottomless champagne and chocolate.  Now those are two great reasons to run and that is why I will continue to do this race every year- not for the PR but for the champagne, chocolate, and company of good friends!  Lesson learned!  (Are you hearing that, ego, are you???)

I did it for the champagne!


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: See Jane Run 5K

  1. I could have written this after my last two races. I totally know the feeling when you don’t feel great about your race performance. I’m still working out the race I did over Memorial Day, and haven’t had time to decompress last weekend’s race. I think you did a great job, and considering what you battled at that start (which sounds all too familiar), and I think that the champagne and chocolate were well deserved! What a fun post-race treat!

  2. It bums me out that SJR, which I fully support in general and I think does a beautiful job of motivating women of all ages, body types and athletic abilities, just doesn’t get it that distance running is all about the numbers. You have to be a little numerically obsessive to get into this sport, and after a while, you really learn what different paces feel like in your legs and lungs. I can tell if I’m running 7:20 vs 7:40, dammit. Or 8:30 vs 9:30 for that matter. I work for those particular feelings while I’m running, depending on if I’m running for speed, tempo, or gently for distance. And after two years of running routinely, the time goal you set for a PR has major personal significance. I’ve been trying to break 24:00 for a year! Not to mention the girl who finished first in 20:24, who I bet was crushed to have been cheated out of breaking 20 minutes. Having the distance just a little wrong…it makes me lose faith that running is important to SJR in the way it is to us–that See Jane Run is really runners themselves and not just runner suppliers. It’s 4% of the distance to them, but a year of speedwork to us. And on an out-and-back course, when everybody has a GPS, there was just no reason not to put the turnaround in the right spot.

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