Today’s Reason: My Husband

I don’t run for my husband,  I run because of him.

As a stay at home mom, I rely so much on my husband in terms of my health and fitness- I get up at ridiculous:30am 5 days a week while he stays behind, gets up with the kids, feeds them, dresses them, and gets them ready for school.  I am constantly impressed with how much he encourages me to do my best and get stronger, I would not be able to do any of this without him.  (And for all that, he “gets” to sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays, as late as he wants- a good trade off, I think!)

When I started working out 5 years ago, he watched with great interest.  And then when I started running & racing 2 years ago, he applauded my efforts and encouraged me to push the distance, push the speed, push myself.  Then I started training for a half marathon and weekend runs became longer and longer, he was still there, saying, “Wow, I can’t believe you just ran 10 miles!  Great job, honey!  You’re going to smash that half!”  Not a runner himself, he was still there listening, trying to relate, and always encouraging me to run, run, run.  He even got me a Garmin 405 for Christmas- now that’s support!

Then, things took a turn.  Much to my surprise, he started running!  My efforts actually became an inspiration to my husband and he began hoofing it on the treadmill during breaks at work, even venturing outdoors to hit the pavement several times a week.  Last Thanksgiving, he did a turkey trot 5K and my role, that day, changed from participant to spectator.  That was weird.   I was jealous.  I coveted his race shirt.  Told him he couldn’t hang his medal anywhere near ALL of mine.  But then it struck me, as the kids and I waited anxiously for him to cross that finish line, “We’re helping each other be better runners!  We can do this together!  We can share this with each other and impart the importance of health and fitness to our children!  Wow, we ROCK!”

After the turkey trot, my husband was not interested in doing another race the following month to beat his time.  I was baffled.  He explained that he is content to just run, not to improve or get faster or go longer.  I still can’t really relate to that line of thinking but he has stated that the turkey trot is HIS race and is planning on doing it again this November.  It may only be once a year that I get to return the favor and be his cheerleader for a change, but I am completely ecstatic to do so.  (He still has to find another place for his medals though!)

Go Hubby Go!!!


11 thoughts on “Today’s Reason: My Husband

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